The Most Amazing And Easy Fluffy Slime

The Most Amazing Fluffy Slime Ever.


Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax. Your kids will love making this fluffy slime. How to make fluffy slime without borax. #slime #slimerecipe #easyslime #kids #activities #crafts #kidscrafts #parenting #diy


If you’re looking for an easy fluffy slime recipe, you’ve come to the right place. This fluffy slime recipe is made without borax and can be made is so many different colors.

My kids are huge fans of slime. The first time we made it they fell in love and since then we’ve tried making a few different types of slime. This is our favorite slime so far.


This slime recipe is easy, smells great and is super fun to play with. Oh and if you push it into a cup it makes a farting noise. The kids love that!



Of course toddlers aren’t too good at helping to make slime, especially when it’s almost nap-time. My youngest hung out in her high chair with a new Wonder Color coloring book and markers. I love that they don’t make a mess.

Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax.


White School Glue ( we used Elmer’s )

Shaving Cream ( we used Walmart brand )

Food Coloring

Liquid Starch



Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax.


Making the slime is super simple. Here are the steps:


Pour two bottles of school glue into a bowl. We used a glass bowl so it would be easier to wash.

Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax.


At this point you’ll add whatever color you want. This recipe makes a lot of slime so we used about 10 drops of Food Coloring.

Stir until the color is mixed through.

Add 1 cup of shaving cream and stir it in.

Add 1/2 cup of Liquid Starch and mix well. Once it’s mixed add another 1/2 of starch.

You can stir it together with a spoon if you want but we found it easiest to use our hands.


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Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax.


If your slime has too much liquid you can add more shaving cream until it is a consistency that you like.


Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax.



That’s all there is too it. In a matter of 15 min you’ll have super fluffy slime. My girls have found tons of things to do with their slime already. They like to hold it out in front of them and see if it will stretch to the floor on its own. My six-year-old loves the fart noises it makes when you push it into a cup.


Easy fluffy slime recipe without borax. Your kids will love making this fluffy slime. How to make fluffy slime without borax. #slime #slimerecipe #easyslime #kids #activities #crafts #kidscrafts #parenting #diy


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Written by: Devon



  1. Kavita | 18th May 17

    My toddler would love it and especially that fart noise part LOL… Thank you for sharing this idea.

  2. Maria deRosario | 19th May 17

    I loved the part about the farting noise…hahaha.. I can tell my son will love this. Going to try it soon 🙂

  3. Mae | 19th May 17

    My daughter likes tactile play too. She was all about Playdough for a time there. Thanks for sharing this so we can do this at home.

    Mae |

  4. Audria | 9th Jun 17

    This looks so fun! I have pinned it countless times… one day.

  5. Jenn | 9th Jun 17

    Way to keep the kids entertained! I didn’t even consider shaving cream as something that would help consistency.

  6. Sophie | 9th Jun 17

    How fun! I haven’t made slime with my kids yet, but really want to. Does it stick to the table? Ha trying to decide if it should be an outside project 😉

    • | 9th Jun 17

      No, the fluffy slime doesn’t stick like regular slime.?

  7. anada toysreview | 9th Jun 17

    i would love to make it !thanks for sharing !!

  8. Kanani | 10th Jun 17

    I had no idea there was a thing as FLUFFY slime. lol.

  9. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins | 10th Jun 17

    Slime is so fun to play with! My husband and I love to do it with our kids.

  10. Elizabeth | 17th Jun 17

    My kids will adore this. I can’t wait to make it with them!

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