Make Toddler Meal Time More Enjoyable

Make toddler mealtime easier and more enjoyable. These toddler feeding products are great. #toddler #momlife #feeding #meal #baby #sippycup #bumbo #bowl #essentials #tips #hacks


When your little one starts eating solid food you go out and buy baby spoons, bowls and sippy cups. As they get older they outgrow their baby feeding supplies, but that doesn’t mean meal time can’t still be cute and fun.

These products will make toddler mealtime more enjoyable.

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-We love our Bumbo Multi Seat, Aqua. Not only are they amazing for older babies but they are a life saver for toddlers. We have a high chair but recently my little one has started throwing fits about going in it. The Bumbo Multi Seat fits perfect on a chair at the table. It has a buckle that goes around the back of the chair and one that goes under the chair for safety. There is a removable tray that conveniently stores behind the seat. Another great about the seat is that you can easily take it with you when you know you’ll be eating somewhere else. We quite often take it to my sister-in-laws with us so that my little one can be contained while eating.


-My little one is a huge fan of Minnie Mouse. The First Years Disney Baby Minnie Mouse 4-Piece Feeding Setmakes mealtime more enjoyable for both of us. The fork and spoon are the perfect size for her.

Give your child a lifelong love of reading.


-Toddlers are famous for spilling their snacks. Munchkin Snack Catcher bowls keep their snacks where they are supposed to be. For me these bowls are a lifesaver because they help keep my dogs from stealing her snacks.




-I’m a huge fan of Skip Hop products. They have a large selection of super cute plates and bowls. I find that when I put the food on a cute plate my little one is more likely to eat without throwing a fit.





-I’ve been trying to transition my little one from a sippy cup to a regular cup. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. I found the NUK Magic 360° Cup, they are making the process so much easier. They are super cute which of course means my toddler loves them.

-The Silikids Siliskin Silicone Sippy Tops are so cool.  They are great for on the go. You can easily take them to a restaurant or friends house with you and turn any cup into a sippy cup.


Make toddler mealtime easier with these amazing products. #tips #tricks #howto #toddler #kids #parenting

Written by: Devon

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  1. Brittany | 3rd May 17

    Great Tips! My toddler is getting harder and harder to make sit down and eat. I will def try some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chelsea | 3rd May 17

    I am super excited about those snack bowls and sippy tops! I too have dogs, which means I am on constant snack patrol because the dogs love having Brendan’s snacks when he is distracted. I bet these would cut down on a lot of tears! Also, the sippy tops would be amazing! At 3, Brendan sometimes thinks he is bigger than he is, and when we are out he tries to use big kid cups. Again, cue distraction and we have a huge mess. This would save me a lot of headache! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Maheshwari Solapurkar | 3rd May 17

    I looooove these suggestions! My twins just turned 6 months and started solids so we are trying to make meal time more enjoyable for them! We love our bumbo chairs and use them when we’re traveling for sure. I love all your suggestions, they are great for making meal time go quickly, especially in the beginning when they are just learning to eat and don’t particularly enjoy it, haha!

  4. Kristen | 4th May 17

    I love skip hop! They have the cutest things! I will have to save this for when my little one starts to eat

  5. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms | 16th May 17

    My daughter loves her Minnie Mouse set too! It’s so much fun for her and I love that it is deep so her food doesn’t roll or slosh off the sides!

  6. Corinne ( | 23rd Jun 17

    I have been meaning to try the snack catchers! I constantly have to pick up cheerios…all day every day lol!

  7. Caroline | 7th Jul 17

    So many great tips – I love those snack catcher bowls, perfect when you’re out and about.

  8. Ifti | 12th Jul 17

    Thanks for sharing! Will try some ideas.. i love skiphop too, the products are cute

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