DIY Eucalyptus Foot Scrub

DIY Eucalyptus Foot Scrub


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Summer is on its way so it’s time to get our feet sandal ready. I love wearing sandals and flip-flops but dread having to remove dry skin and calluses from my feet. It seems like they get so bad so fast. I spend what seems like hours using my foot file.

I decided that it was time to change my game plan. I no longer want to spend an hour doing my feet. After researching on Pinterest I came up with this DIY recipe for a eucalyptus foot scrub. Most scrubs I found used either sugar or salt. I decided to combine the two for even more exfoliating power.

This foot scrub took at the most, five minutes to make. The most difficult part of the process was cleaning up my mess. If you don’t like the smell of eucalyptus you can use any essential oil. I just happened to have eucalyptus oil in the cupboard. The great thing about eucalyptus oil for a foot scrub is that it creates a cooling and refreshing effect. It can also help relieve muscle pain and soreness which is great on your tired feet. Eucalyptus oil acts as a deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial agent.

Now for the ingredients and recipe.



  • Add 1 cup of sugar to a glass mixing bowl, the glass bowl will clean easier.

  • Add 1 tbsp of salt

  • Add 1/3 cup of coconut oil

  • Add 10-15 drops of essential oil

  • Mix it together and that’s it.

  • Store in an airtight container. I used a cute little mason jar.

Like I said it’s super fast and easy to make. My feet felt so good after I used it. After I scrubbed my feet, rinsed them clean and patted them dry I put a pair of cotton socks on to hold the coconut oil in.

Some other essential oils you might consider are:


Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Jen | 18th May 17

    oh yeah! I’ll be making some of this! I really need to get these feet ready for some sandals, the heat has just kicked up a notch and I need to bust out my sandals. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Dealman | 25th May 17

    very interesting post share. love it.

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