Co-sleeping, why I love it….

All three of my girls have had completely different sleep routines. My oldest had to be read to and rocked until she fell asleep. Once she was asleep, she went in her crib. When she woke up she had to be rocked back to sleep, which usually happened around 4 times a night.

Let me start off by mentioning that I am NOT a DR. or a sleep expert. This is just my opinion and experience.

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My middle daughter had to sleep on either my husband or I in a recliner for about the first year ( which got old after about a month).  Once she hit a year we took the crib down and gave her a full size mattress on the floor. I slept on her bed with her for about 6 months.

Well when I got pregnant with my youngest I vowed to start out strong by putting her in her crib from the beginning. We started off pretty good but my husband deployed when she was about 5 months old, that’s when I gave in. With my husband gone and two other kids to take care of I was just too tired to get up multiple times a night. At 5 months she started sleeping in my bed and still does to this day. I love being able to sleep in my own bed and snuggle her. It is a comfort to me to have her next to me.

My husband doesn’t mind at all, we’ve gotten into a routine since he came home. We currently put her to bed in her own twin size bed. When she wakes up I lay next to her in her bed until she is back to sleep and then sneak out. After I’m ready for bed she is welcome to come in our bed. She sleeps so good in between my husband and I. We figure as long as everyone is happy and getting a good nights sleep then we are good.

Co-sleeping is a very controversial topic. So many people told me that our kids should be in their own beds. That they wouldn’t learn to sleep on their own unless we let them cry it out. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and what I’ve read made me completely comfortable with my decision.


  • Encourages independence due to reduced separation anxiety

  • Builds self esteem and decreases behavioral problems

  • Promotes physical and mental well-being

  • Reduces the risk of stress, anxiety disorders and SIDS

  • Easier for nursing moms

  • Babies sleep and stay asleep better

  • Infants develop healthy sleep habits

There’s a lot of research out there but ultimately it comes down to what works for you and what you’re comfortable with. I will end by mentioning that my two oldest sleep very well on their own and have since they were 2, despite the fact that they co-slept when younger. Here’s another great blog about co-sleeping.

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Jenni Petrey | 4th Dec 16

    We co-sleep but not by choice! My 4yo son has Autism and simply can not sleep by himself!

  2. Jessi Joachim | 23rd Apr 17

    I co-sleep with my youngest, and it has saved my sanity! I did it with my oldest as well, and she is 4 now and has been sleeping on her own for quite a while. She comes in once in a while, and I don’t make her leave but they won’t want snuggles forever! With my youngest, I liked using the DockATot when he was really little. He slept in it between us so that was nice… now he rolls out and sleeps basically on top of me lol

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