How To Encourage Kids To Read

How to encourage kids to read. #kids #parenting #reading #school #summer

Do you have a kid that hates reading or complains when you suggest they read a book? Here’s how to encourage kids to read more.


I remember being read to as a child. There were certain books that my mom would read to me and others that my dad would read. My mom almost always read Bernstein Bear books to me. I loved picking which one she would read. I think we owned almost all of them.

I spent countless hours looking at the back of the books to see which ones I had and which ones I was missing. My dad usually read books about being outdoors or camping, although if I had a request he would read whatever I wanted.

These are such fond memories for me. I’m bound and determined to pass this along to my girls.

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Because all my girls are 5 years apart, we have a very diverse library in our house. My youngest loves her board books. She’ll sit and look at them by herself, then bring the to me to read. We have board books in every room of our house, even in the car. My middle daughter is just beginning to read. It’s so exciting to see her learn and hear her ask questions about what a word is. We have tons of books for her to read on her own and even more for her dad and I to read to her. Part of her homework every night is to read for 20 min. but honestly she reads for far longer. My oldest is in 6th grade so she reads on her own. I have to admit it’s tough to get her to read sometimes which frustrates me. I’ve tried explaining to her the awesomeness of getting lost in a book. We’re still working on it.

Here are some of our favorite board books to encourage kids to read.


encourage kids to read

encourage kids to read


We Belong Together is such a cute book. It’s one of my favorites. The Little People books are amazing, you’ll want to check them out if you haven’t. They are great for keeping little hands busy while you’re reading because they have flaps for the child to lift on every page.

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Here are some of my 1st graders favorite books to read on her own.


encourage kids to read




encourage kids to read

Fancy Nancy will be a delight for you little girl. Another of our favorites is Amelia Bedelia. You’ll love reading about all the silly things Amelia Bedelia does.



Here are some of my favorite books to read to my 1st grader, although I sometimes catch my oldest listening in too. They are sure to encourage kids to read more.


encourage kids to read


encourage kids to read


The Pout-Pout Fish is sure to bring a smile to your littles face. When my kids start to get crabby I quite often quote lines from the book. Have you tried The Berenstain Bears yet? This is my all time favorite. I grew up reading these books.


Here are some of my 6th graders favorite books that will encourage kids to read.



encourage kids to read



encourage kids to read



Smile, Sisters and Drama are super popular books. They are the kind of books that all my daughters will read at some point. We also like the Michigan Chillers series. I’m originally from Michigan so these are of course on our favorites list.

One of the best ways to get your kids to read more is by example. Unfortunately my girls don’t see me reading too often. I’m usually too tired or busy. There’s just something about reading a good book that puts me right to sleep! These days kids are so busy with school, homework and their electronics! I can’t stand the electronics, that’s a whole other topic though. I prefer to hold a real book in my hand, not an iPad or tablet. I know some people prefer a tablet but I grew up helping my mom, who was a librarian. I loved the shelves of books and how each one has a different cover and story to tell. In an effort to get my kids to read more I’ll be setting aside some time for me to read for myself as well as read to my two youngest.




Encourage Your Kids To Read With These Tips:

Story time. I can’t stress this enough. All of my kids have been involved at one time or another with story time.

Do crafts or coloring pages along with your child’s favorite book.

Ask them question and answer their questions.

Start them young. I’ve been reading board books to my youngest since she was 2 months old.

Let them see you reading.

Take a trip to the library. There are so many books to choose from and it’s FREE.

Remember that your job isn’t to force your older child to read it’s to help them find a book they will love.

Limit electronics. I know this stinks but when your child is on the iPad they don’t care if they read or not. I find that when I take the electronics away my girls are more likely to choose reading to entertain themselves.

When the weather is nice take the books outside.

Make it fun. Use silly voices with your younger kids. It will keep them interested. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a 6th grader though. They already think their parents are weird so lets not add fuel to that fire.

Have them make a special bookmark that they can use. There are tons of bookmark ideas on Pinterest.

Give them a special place to read. It can be a corner, special chair or just give them a special blanket to snuggle with while reading.



How to encourage kids to read. #kids #parenting #reading #school #summer



Written by: Devon

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  1. sadelee | 1st Dec 16

    Great post! My son also loves his books, and sleeps with about 5 in his bed. Story time is our special time at the end of each day. Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  2. Kathryn Minas | 6th Dec 16

    I couldn’t agree more! Asking questions is so important to make young readers think about what they are reading and to ensure understanding. Letting them see us read is right up there too. Thank you for sharing!

  3. justaddgigi | 6th Dec 16

    My kids are kind not wholesaler sold on books.. My oldest are anime and manga junkies and I have. A hard time getting my younger ones to sit down long enough to read to them. But I used to love the Dr. Suess books as a kid.

  4. ammers33 | 6th Dec 16

    great tips!

  5. Charissa | 6th Dec 16

    I love to read and all 3 of my kids seem to be inheriting this same love. (My son can be the toughest to encourage to get into a book, but once he’s there, he is content.) We love the library and also have a fondest for audio books!

  6. raracheckman | 6th Dec 16

    Audio books are one of our favorite ways to “read” a book while traveling in the car!

  7. Tyler | 6th Dec 16

    Yes! Reading is so important… such a good post.

  8. Stephanie C | 6th Dec 16

    Love this!! My 14 month old LOVES to have books read to her – she brings me books countless times a day and I always oblige and read to her. I hope she will always love books as much as she does now!

  9. Candice | 21st Mar 20

    My daughter absolutely loves the I Can Read books. They gave her the confidence boost she needed to get her going.

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