Military Wife/Mom: A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a military wife and mom.



Military Wife / Mom: A Day in the Life

Let me start by saying that I love my family and my life and wouldn’t change any of it. I love being a military wife and am so proud of my husband for all that he does. Most days are pure chaos, but at the end of the day snuggles with my family makes it all worth it.

I started this post wanting to create a cleaning schedule. Once I got going and started to think of my daily routine it changed into what I like to call “A Day in the Life of a Military Wife and Mom.” I know any stay at home mom can relate but when it comes to being a military wife and mom things get a little more complicated. On top of all of this we constantly worry about our soldiers while they are gone and dread hearing the words “I’m leaving again.”

You can use take this however you want. It really does layout a normal day for me and my cleaning schedule. Some days I get more done and some days I get nothing done but take care of the kids. Experience has taught me that I need to go with the flow. If my house is messy for a day but the kids and my husband are happy and taken care of it’s ok, the mess will be there tomorrow for me to take care of.


  • Straighten kitchen

  • Make beds

  • Throw a load of laundry in

  • Solve a clothes crisis or two.

  • Get kids fed and off to school

  • Take a breather and drink some coffee

  • Switch your laundry

  • Give toddler a snack while you straighten the living room.

  • 1st Chore of the day

  • Change toddler and get them dressed. ( you might still be in your jammies but that’s cool.)

  • Fold laundry while singing “Old McDonald” over and over.

  • Breathe, you made it to lunch time!!!


  • Catch up on a Netflix show while checking Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Sneak in a shower if you think you have time.

  • Ok now naptimes over…



  • Change toddler and give them a snack.

  • 2nd Chore of the day

  • Time to go get the older kids.

  • Drive to different schools picking up each kid. While driving listen to how their day was and all the drama.

  • Time for a snack. Feed the kids and yourself a snack. You’re going to need it we are going into evening time.


  • Cook dinner while diffusing arguments between children and holding the toddler. Oh and don’t forget to set the table and but up all the food for the little ones.

  • Put food on the table, say prayer and watch your kids take 3 bites and be done.

  • Time to clear the table and load the dishwasher or leave the dishes in the sink until tomorrow.

  • Homework!!!! Google how to do algebra while holding the toddler and putting the middle child in the tub. Ok homework is done but some tears were shed.

  • Time to get the middle kid out of the tub and put the toddler in. Get all the jammies out.

  • Dress your squirming toddler. Done. Nope not quite.

  • Time to feed the dogs and clean up the dog poop off the floor.


  • Snuggle all the kids and watch a show with them.

  • Put toddler to bed, put middle child to bed, put toddler back to bed, get a drink for middle child.

  • Put oldest child to bed.

  • Ok Done. Grab your candy bar and turn Netflix on. It won’t be long and the toddler will be awake.

Chore of the Day:

Monday: Bathrooms

Tuesday: Vaccuem/Clean Floors

Wednesday: Windows and mirrors

Thursday: Major laundry day

Friday: Vaccuem

Saturday: Wash throw blankets and extra laundry

Sunday: Get ready for the week ahead.


Written by: Devon Bernthal

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