How To Give Your Old Towels a Pick Me Up.



How to freshen your old towels. Do you have old musty smelling towels? This is the easiest way to rid your towels of smells. #cleaning #tips #hacks #homemaking #homemaker #forthehome #momlife #towels #laundry #diy

Do your bath towels have a funky smell to them even after being washed?

If you’re like me then you have had the same bath towels for years but cannot bring yourself to go out and buy more when the old ones are still perfectly fine. My towels were starting to be less absorbent and had a slight musty smell to them. Yuck! There’s a super simple way to get them smelling better, more absorbent and softer.

The reason towels become less absorbent is a build up of laundry detergent. I always thought the more soap I use the cleaner my laundry will get. That’s not true! Soap residue builds up over time making towels less absorbent. Honestly you can use 1/3 the recommended amount of laundry soap and your clothes will get just as clean, plus you’ll save money on detergent.

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Materials Needed:

-Dirty, old, musty towels

-Washing Machine

-1 Cup of White Vinegar (Vinegar Kills Germs)




-Put towels into washer

-Add 1 Cup of White Vinegar to the load and NO SOAP. (For front load machines and top load with a dispenser put the vinegar into the detergent dispenser. For top load without detergent dispenser wait for the washer to fill then add the vinegar.)

-Wash your load on the hottest setting.

-Still no soap

-Put them into the dryer with your favorite dryer sheet or dryer ball. If you’re looking for some really good dryer balls look here.

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How to freshen your old towels.


Seriously, that’s it. My towels came out softer, brighter and smelling great. The did not smell like vinegar.


Written by: Devon

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  1. Karen | 23rd Dec 19

    I love the way vinegar makes the laundry smell better! We use it on stinky underarms on clothing as well!

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