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The USO is an amazing organization for military families!

As a military wife and mom I went years without truly knowing what the USO had to offer me. This past year being an FRG leader for my husbands troop I have attended many events put on by the USO. The USO provides services not only for the soldier but also the spouse and children. I’ve put this list together to highlight what the USO can offer you.

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I know a lot of military wives prefer to live their lives outside of the military but I have found that it is important to make connections with other military spouses and organizations.

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Here are some of the programs the USO has to offer:

  • Sesame Street Live for Military Kids. I have personally taken all three of my kids to this and they loved it. It doesn’t cost a thing. More Info

  • United Through Reading Program. It’s a super awesome way for deployed parents to connect with their children. More Info

  • Comfort Crew For Military Kids. They help kids deal with things such as bullying, adjusting during and after deployment and the loss of a parent. More Info

  • Couples Seminars. They help strengthen relationships and work through the tough issues. More Info

  • Support for Families of the Fallen. More Info

  • USO Warrior and Family Centers. Provides support for the wounded and their families. More Info

  • Caregivers Seminars. Provide resources and advice for those caring for wounded. More Info

  • Hire Heroes USA. Helps military members, veterans and their spouses prepare for a civilian career.More Info

  • Holiday Care Packages. They provide holiday themed care packages to our troops overseas.More Info

  • Mobile Entertainment Gaming. They send mobile gaming packages to soldiers in remote locations. More Info

  • Operation Phone Home. Provides soldiers in remote locations with phone access to call home. More Info

Check with your local USO to find info on local events and support. Find Local USO

The best books for military wives.

Information and links lead to USO.org.

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