14 Easy Ways To Save Money

14 Easy ways to save money. Money saving tips. #savingmoney #budget #frugalliving #frugal

If you’re looking to save money, these super simple tips and tricks are just what you need.

As a mom of three girls I’m fully aware how expensive having kids can be. Even if you don’t have kids your daily costs can add up. It’s so easy to spend extra money without even thinking about it.

Even if it’s only a few extra dollars it adds up. Lets say you get a coffee everyday that costs $3, doesn’t seem like much right? Well $3 a day for 364 days is $1092 a year. That’s just for your daily cup of coffee!!! It’s not just coffee though. There are so many ways that you can save money. Here are 14 easy ways to save a few dollars…

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Brew your coffee at home. We use this coffee maker at home and there are tons of cute to-go cups out there too.

Turn the lights off when you leave a room. This seems like common sense but as a mom of three there are always lights on in my house. Sometimes I go upstairs and every light is on… I’ve made it a habit to run upstairs every morning after breakfast to turn any lights off that might have been left on.

Use coupons and Ibotta. Personally I use coupons.com. I also use Ibotta regularly.  So far this year I’ve gotten over $167 back from Ibotta. I’m also a huge fan of Ebates. Every time I shop online I check Ebates for available cashback.

14 Easy Ways To Save Money

Check out the Dollar Tree. You can get almost everything at the Dollar Tree.

Make your meals at home. I know it’s hard to cook every night but with a little planning you can avoid some of those fast food runs… Check out these cool meal planners or subscribe to get my free printable meal planners.

Use cash instead of your debit card. This has made a huge difference for us. When you use cash you’re able to see how much you have left and budget your money easier.

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Cancel your cable… I know this sounds crazy but if you used Netflix for a year instead of a basic cable package you could save $600 . Also check out Hulu, they have tons of shows and usually air even the current episode.

Switch to cloth napkins. We go through so many napkins in our house. They get used for everything…. You can buy cloth napkins or make your own, which ever is easiest for you. 

Shop at thrift stores. I love shopping at thrift stores and lets face it, kids outgrow clothes so fast it’s hard to keep up with their changing sizes…

Think before you buy… I quite often will put things in my Amazon cart but then wait for a few days. If after a few days I still feel I need it then I will get it but usually I decide that it’s not a necessity.

Homemaking skills to save you money


Use less laundry detergent or at least make sure you read the label to find out how much you really need to use. It’s a huge cap on the laundry soap bottle, but if you read the label you’ll often find that you don’t need to use very much at all. Also wash your laundry in cold water. Not only is it better for your clothes but will save money. The only thing I wash in hot water are my cloth diapers. You can also switch to dryer balls instead of using dryer sheets all the time.



Switch to cloth diapers… This is my latest obsession. Not only are they super cute but they save money…

Turn your thermostat down when you leave and at night. We are all covered by blankets at night so who says we need the heat set on 70… Our heat is set on 65 unless we are gone then it goes down to 64.


Hang your laundry to dry. You don’t need a clothesline for this. There have been many days when I have my curtain rod filled with clean laundry on hangers. Once it’s had a chance to dry a little I pop it into the dryer with a dryer sheet for awhile.


14 super easy ways to save money.

What are some ways you save money? 

Written by: Devon

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  1. Aditi | 27th Mar 17

    Great ideas for saving money. Hadn’t thought of some yet.. Lovely …

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 28th Mar 17

      Thank you. I’m working on some more ideas too…

  2. Lorna @savingchamps | 27th Mar 17

    I love saving money and have used a lot of tips in the post. Those are great ways to cut money here and there.

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 28th Mar 17

      Me too, thanks.

  3. Dilraz Kunnummal | 27th Mar 17

    Sometimes we forget that every penny counts. These are small but in the long run can make a big difference.
    Thank you.

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 28th Mar 17

      Some days I forget about it too.

  4. Alicia Owen | 28th Mar 17

    Excellent suggestions! We do a lot of these, but I still feel like we’re guilty of spending way more than we should be. :/ Well, we go through phases, at least. So glad to hear you are on the cloth diapering bandwagon! Welcome to the cult! lol

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 28th Mar 17

      We do too. I think it’s an 80/20 thing.

  5. Anne - Just Only Home | 22nd Sep 17

    Great list. It’s CRAZY how fast those little things add up. I’ve been lazy this last month about just throwing things in the dryer and was shocked how it negatively affected our electricity. It’s hard to believe until it’s staring at you in the form of a higher bill! Sharing this post, thanks <3

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