Boost Your Child’s Self Confidence


10 Ways to boost your child's self confirence. Be a better parnet.


One of the most important things for me as a parent is to make sure my girls grow up to be strong and confident. I want them to feel good about themselves. There’s so much pressure to dress a certain way, act a certain way or be good at certain things.

Each of my girls have different personalities and talents and that’s something I praise them for. I tell them all the time how amazing it is to truly be yourself and be happy.

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Of course I know that they will go through times in their lives where they will feel down or self conscious but hopefully by encouraging them to be themselves and celebrating their uniqueness they will come out of those down times feeling even stronger.

Here are a few tips to increase your little ones confidence…

  1. Say “I love you.” It’s so important for your child to hear this. I know we get busy but it only takes a second to get down on their level and tell them we love them.

  2. Give your child responsibility then thank them for being helpful.

  3. Don’t minimize your child’s feelings. Just because they are little people doesn’t mean their feelings are little. Let them know that you understand and are there for them.

  4. Be their biggest fan. Your kid loves hearing how proud you are of them.Boost your child's self confienceMake sure to check out House Hold Skills To Teach Your Child

  5. Don’t just say “good job.” Make sure they know you’re really paying attention. Try saying something like “good job, I love all the colors you used in that picture.”

  6. Let them make choices. For younger kids it might be what they will eat or wear. For older kids it can be how much of their homework they will do on a certain night.

  7. Lead by example. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others or putting yourself down that is what your kids will learn.

  8. Let them help. When I’m cooking dinner my house is chaos but if my kids ask to help I try to find something for them to help with. It makes them feel important and needed.

  9. Avoid comparing them to a sibling or another child. This one speaks for itself. Each child is an individual.

  10. Offer unconditional love. Make sure that your kids know that they are loved even when the mess up. To adults this seems silly like they should already know this, but a child needs to be reminded of this.

  11. Let them be themselves. If my daughter wants to wear some ridiculous outfit to school I let her (as long as it’s appropriate.) She picked it out herself and it makes her happy so by all means.Ways to boost your child's self confidence.

  12. Let your child cry if they feel they need to. It’s not good for kids let alone adults to keep their emotions bottled up.

  13. Don’t embarrass your kids in front of other kids. Pull them aside and quietly talk to them. When they are yelled at or constantly corrected in front of their peers it lowers their self esteem.

  14. Look for opportunities to praise your child.  When my kids are playing nicely together or being helpful I let them know that I appreciate it.

  15. Ask them questions. Make them feel involved and important. It can be something as simple as what they think you should make for dinner or something silly like if they had one super power what would it be.

  16. Get creative. My kids love being creative and I love watching them create things. I make sure to display their works of art (maybe not all of them.)

 Tips to boost your child's self confidence.

What are some way you boost your child’s self-esteem?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Laneic Lavalle | 5th Apr 17

    This is a great post, especially about acknowledging and not minimizing their feelings, the way they feel is important too! These are all great ideas to help boost their confidence.

    • | 11th Apr 17

      Thank you. I think I write some of these posts to help remind myself.

  2. Bryce Rae | 5th Apr 17

    Yes, some very good points. As you said, we must not compare our kids to each other. It is sometimes difficult to do. Even though I get frustrated with my kids, those 3 words are very important. ” I love you”. My son never really stops talking ….maybe a 10 second break here and there. Frustrating !!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      I totally understand. The days that I slow down and make sure I’m present are the days that I remember to do these things.

  3. yvette | 5th Apr 17

    Yes! All great points, and defintally a few I can work on in my home at doing better.

    • | 11th Apr 17

      For me it takes daily work. It isn’t always easy to remember to do these things when your a busy mom.

  4. Alexandra | 24th Jun 17

    I love this! I think it’s so important to raise kids that know they are valued. I especially love letting them help- my son isn’t even 2 but he loves to help me unload the dishwasher! It takes 10 times longer but I want to encourage him to like to help! Great list! ?

  5. The gifted gabber | 24th Jun 17

    I have been trying to be really conscious of this around my girls. Especially, I want to not comment about myself in the negative which I am prone to do. – Amy

  6. The Gifted Gabber | 24th Jun 17

    I have really had to start watching myself with how I talk about myself in front of my girls. I have always done pretty well with the rest, I think. But self talk is what gets me. – Amy

  7. Dedreanna | 26th Jun 17

    This is so important! I love your list!

  8. Wendi | 16th May 18

    This is such a wonderful post with amazing suggestions we should all consider. Feeling validated, loved, important is essential to healthy self esteem. All of your suggestions will surely help a child develop a positive self image and self confidence. Thank you for writing this!

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