Easter Basket Ideas For Tween Boys

Easter basket ideas for tween boys. Whether your tween is into Fortnite, sports or books, you'll find Easter basket ideas here. #Easter #Fortnite #boys #gifts #tween


Shopping for tweens can be difficult. When it comes to filling your tween boys Easter basket, I’ve got you covered. Over the years we have tried to steer away from sweets and candy which makes it even more difficult. I think filling an Easter basket for a tween boy would be even harder than for a girl. Maybe that’s because I don’t have any boys.

I’ve been doing my research on Easter basket fillers for tween boys and created a list to help you out. I do give partial credit to my daughter who filled me in on what all the boys at her school were into.

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Tween Boys Easter Basket Ideas


A Rubik’s Cube is the perfect gift. It’s fun and exercises you kid’s brain.

Or you can try the Rubik’s Void.

We love this game in our house. Each person takes turns adding to the tower. Whoever knocks it down loses.

I’m sure you’re aware just how popular Fortnite is with kids! Here are some ideas for the tween boy who loves Fortnite.


Encourage your tween boy to clean up with Hamper Hoops.

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The Crazy Scientist cards have over twenty amazing magical tricks supported by science. This game is fun for the whole family.

I like to add books to every gift list. These books are sure to entertain your tween boy.


This last one is a bit of a large Easter present, but I’ve included it because it looks super fun.


Easter basket for tween boys. Whether your tween is into Fortnite, sports or books, you'll find something here. #Easter #Fortnite #gifts #boys #tween

Hopefully, this list is helpful. Feel free to click on the image for more details on the products.

Written by: Devon Bernthal



  1. Kayla O'Neill | 31st Mar 17

    These are some original and fun ideas! Love that there are games and activities included instead of just candy!

  2. liz Cleland | 2nd Apr 17

    Pretty soon my son with be a teen. Oh, I am not looking forward to those days I have to no longer search for toys. Then again I love the idea of older gifts for him!

  3. Amanda Collins | 18th Mar 18

    GREAT ideas! Thank you so much!

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 18th Mar 18

      Glad you liked it!

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