Kids Building Challenge


Kids Lego Building challenge. Can they use all the bricks? #kidsactivities #kids #Legos #toys #indoor #building #bricks #blocks


This kids building challenge will entertain your kids for hours!


Some days go by so slowly. It seems like you’ve done everything there is to do with your kids. They are crabby and don’t know what to do.


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The other day when I was playing Legos with my kids, they got tired of building after only 10 min. I used all my mommy brain power and came up with the idea to use all the Legos in the box to create one tower. I’m constantly trying to find different ways to play with toys. It helps keep things interesting. We used literally every Lego. The goal was to create something using all the Legos, and no matter how many times you do this activity, you’ll never get the same result twice.



For our building challenge, we used Mega Blocks Minis. We have the big box but also some Dora and Diego sets as well. You could use any type of Legos. If you are using small Legos and have a large collection, I would suggest taking a large mixing bowl and randomly scooping out a bowl full of Legos. Then use all the Legos in the bowl to create something.

We started with some of the flat Lego pieces and began to build up and out. When we ran out of space to place more Legos, we simply added on a new section.


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Some of the blocks were difficult to fit on the tower but that pushed my kids to be creative. We had cars hanging off the side and even added a zip line.

Here’s the end result. My kids were so proud of what they had created.


kids building challenge



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Kids Lego Building challenge. Can they use all the bricks? #kidsactivities #kids #Legos #toys #indoor #building #bricks #blocks



Written by: Devon




  1. Madelynn | 29th Mar 17

    That turned out so precious!
    My 4yo keeps demanding that we only use the small legos, but I think that this would still be a fun, feasible adventure. Getting them apart might just be a nightmare though….

    Either way, I’m going to have to test this out and let you know how it goes, because there’s absolutely nothing worse than a rainy day where we have no idea how to keep her entertained.
    You might just be a lifesaver!

  2. Ruby | 29th Mar 17

    Oh, I love this! I have a three-year-old and he loses interest so quickly. We have the mega blocks so I’ll have to help him add more toys to his structures to make cities. How did you make the zipline? That sounds like a fun way for Batman to move around Mega Block City!

  3. Sarah Frank | 29th Mar 17

    Wow! This looks like a fun activity. I love that it allows for kids to use their creativity.

  4. Lauren C. Moye | 7th Apr 17

    That looks like a lot of fun! I love the creativity and they did an amazing job!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      Thank you. We do this every other week.

  5. Danielle | 10th Apr 17

    How much fun! I love what they created!!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      Thanks. We do this activity about every other week.

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