Products That Are Making April Amazing

Products That Are Making April Amazing

There are so many things in my day to day life that I love so much and wanted to share with you.

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The first thing I’m loving this month is my Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaners. They smell so good. With scents like Iowa Pine, Lemon Verbena and Basil, you’ll love cleaning up your kitchen. After I wipe the kitchen counters down with it the whole house smells good. My favorite scent is Basil.

I’m also loving Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo. This stuff smells so good and leaves my hair soft and smelling good all day. The tea tree scent also helps me to wake up in the morning.

In the battle against dog hair and kid crumbs I love my Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum. It works great and holds it’s charge long enough for me to do my whole house. It makes cleaning up so much easier and faster. I seriously use it at least twice a day.


My mornings wouldn’t be complete this month without my Café Escapes. Usually we drink regular coffee in the mornings but I took a gamble on these k-cups and love them. There’s nothing like starting my morning with a yummy cup of coffee in my favorite mug.






That’s what I’m loving this month. As a family we are loving Sing. We watch it at least twice a day and have the soundtrack downloaded on our phones. The music in that movie is great. Unlike most kids movies, it doesn’t bother me at all to watch it multiple times a day…  If you haven’t see it yet I would highly recommend watching it.

The weather in Colorado is so dry. My hands take a beating from all the washing due to diaper changes. To keep them soft I’ve been using  Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream. It keeps my hands moisturized all day long and smells great.

I am in love with these Melissa and Doug puzzles. My 20 month old plays with them endlessly. Not only are they a great learning toy but they keep her busy. We have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzles because she’s obsessed with all things Mickey.


My six year old daughter is in love with Barbie again this month. She plays for hours in her room combining her Barbie’s and her Shopkins. She uses the Shopkins as the groceries for the Barbie. She’s using her imagination and I love and encourage that.

Last but not least is my eleven year old daughter. She’s been making friendship bracelets. I have quite a collection of them and love each and every one of them. I bought her a kit that included the floss and instructions. She loves it!

What are you loving this month?

Written by: Devon Bernthal


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  1. Ashlyn Murphy | 10th Apr 17

    Melissa and Doug puzzles are where it is AT in our house! Have you seen their color with water books? My daughter loves them and they provide HOURS of entertainment!

    We also need a new vaccuum – we have 5 cats AND 3 dogs – think your vaccuum could do the trick? I am so tired of the hair!!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      I haven’t seen them. I’ll have to check them out. My toddler would love them. The Dyson is great. We have three dogs. I use the handheld Dyson on a daily basis but once a week I do get the big vaccuem out to do the deep cleaning. I think it works great for the dog hair.

  2. Morgan Schoenrock | 10th Apr 17

    Love all of these! Already using a few myself this April. I NEED that pet hair vacuum!!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      The Dyson is amazing. It makes cleaning so much easier.

  3. Belle | 10th Apr 17

    These are such great products! Need to check out that Dyson vacuum!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • | 11th Apr 17

      Thanks. I love the dyson. It makes it so easy to clean on multiple floors.

  4. Liz | 11th Apr 17

    My daughter loves Shopkins too, so do her little brothers. 🙂 My daughter would get so mad at her brothers for playing with them. So I took to the internet, and found shopkins for boys. They are called “grossery gang” they are like rotten shopkins. My boys LOVE them. Its a win win.

    • | 11th Apr 17

      I’ve seen those… Great idea.

  5. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms | 11th Apr 17

    My daughter loves those Melissa and Doug puzzles too! They are perfect for her little hands.

    • | 11th Apr 17

      They are perfect. I’ll be putting some in my youngest Easter basket.

  6. Akyn | 11th Apr 17

    I like the Mickey Mouse puzzle. it’s so adorable to keep the active little fellows occupied. ??

    • | 11th Apr 17

      My youngest loves it too. I don’t think a kid can ever have too many puzzles.

  7. J. Ivy Boyter | 11th Apr 17

    Seriously love our Dyson products. We have the regular vac and the stick vac. Regular is upstairs and the stick vac is downstairs for all the daily living messes!

    • | 11th Apr 17

      That’s our exact set up too…

  8. LizZ Holla | 11th Apr 17

    I’ve definitely been wanting to try Mrs. Meyers products.

    • | 11th Apr 17

      I absolutely love them…

  9. Melissa D | 11th Apr 17

    Ooh, we need to rent Sing! I love kids’ movies with great music. 🙂

  10. Kristina | 11th Apr 17

    Good ideas. I especially love the Melissa & Doug puzzles, they are popular with my twins.

  11. Harmony, Momma To Go | 2nd May 17

    I have an April faves post too! We love sing at our house! and my 5 year old loves Barbies and shopkins. the bracelet making might be hard for her but in a few years, we are big on crafts right now

  12. Candace | 2nd May 17

    I’m a big fan of bury bees products and find they really suit my skin. Also love my fusion Hoover got picking up the cat hairs

  13. Meehandering | 2nd May 17

    I’m dying for a Dyson!

  14. Ashlyn | 2nd May 17

    I cannot wait to watch SING!! Looks so cute!

  15. Melissa | 2nd May 17

    Oh the friendship bracelets!!!! I’m so glad I saw this – I’ll be getting some for my daughter. This will be right up her alley.

  16. Brittany Comeaux | 2nd May 17

    Ok, every single thing you listed on here (except for the vacuum… which I need a new one anyway) is a major favorite in this house! As I was reading your list it was getting comical. Like you were reading my mind.

    Lemon Verbana & PM Tea tree lavender mint speak to my soul!!!!

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