Amazing Children’s Books Celebrating The Fourth of July

Amazing Children’s Books Celebrating

The Fourth of July

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With the Fourth of July quickly approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about how to incorporate learning into the holiday. It’s tough to keep kids learning and sharp throughout the summer. My kids love to read once I get them to sit down with a book. The hard part is getting them to sit down get started with a book. I’ve thrown in some Fourth of July coloring books as well. Creativity goes hand in hand with reading. I encourage my kids to color, draw and create as much as possible.

These amazing children’s books are not only fun to read but will help your little ones understand what the Fourth of July is all about.


What book suggestions do you have for the Fourth of July holiday?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Krystal | 13th Jun 17

    This is one holiday we don’t have many books for. My kids are really into the Berenstain Bears right now, so I bet they’d love that one!

  2. Tomilola | 13th Jun 17

    I am Nigerian and I don’t think we have this many children’s books about our Country. So sad.

  3. Brittany Ferrell | 13th Jun 17

    As a teacher and a mom, I fully endorse this list! You even have a few that I have not read! I think using tried and true favorite characters is a great way to teach kids about a new holiday. Like with Elmo or the Berenstain Bears. But, I did not know Corduroy had a book! I love “A is for America” and “F is for Flag”. I have used those in the classroom every year! Great picks!

    • | 18th Jun 17


  4. Brittany | 13th Jun 17

    I love these books (and your blog)! We wrote a similar post a few weeks ago with completely different books, so it was fun to see yours! Also, I’ll be following along from here on out (are you on Instagram–if so, follow us @TheAmericanMoms and we’ll follow you back)! Thanks!

    • | 18th Jun 17

      Awesome! I’m heading over to follow you.

  5. Sumer | 16th Jun 17

    These are great book suggestions! I was just thinking about how we have zero books about the 4th of July…this needs to change! Thanks for these ideas!

  6. Melissa | 17th Jun 17

    Great book recommendations! We love courderoy and have all the Biscuit holiday books!

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