Is Your House Really Clean?

ย How clean is your house? Find out when you should be cleaning everything in your home with this cleaning routine. #cleaning #homemaker #cleaningroutine #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #home #momlife


The cleaning never ends when you have kids and pets! Seriously, I have three kids and two dogs. I clean everyday, but is my house really clean? This cleaning routine makes it easy to keep everything clean.



I feel like I spend countless hours cleaning everyday. With all that time and effort, my house should be super clean right? The answer is no. My house isn’t always super clean. In fact on a daily basis my house is tidy and manageable. There are a few days a month where I can sit down and say that my whole house is completely clean. There are so many places and things in a house that are easy for forget or neglect. I’ve put together this list to help me keep track of the daily cleaning tasks and the tasks that are sometimes difficult to remember.


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Daily Cleaning Routine

Make the beds

Empty the dishwasher

Load the dishwasher

Wipe down kitchen counters

Wipe down bathroom counters

One load of laundry

Clear clutter

Take out the trash


How clean is your house? Find out when you should be cleaning everything in your home with this cleaning routine. #cleaning #homemaker #cleaningroutine #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #home #momlife



Weekly Cleaning Routine

Vacuum ( I have dogs so I do this every other day.)

Wipe down trash can

Clean bathrooms

Wipe down appliances


Change bedding

Mop the floors

Wipe down doorknobs, light switches and railings



How clean is your house? Find out when you should be cleaning everything in your home with this cleaning routine. #cleaning #homemaker #cleaningroutine #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #home #momlife



Monthly Cleaning Routine

Clean the refrigerator and microwave

Wipe down cabinets

Vacuum out the couch

Clean the dishwasher

Clean the vaccuem out

Clean the washing machine

Wipe down ceiling fans


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Every Few Months:

Wash the shower curtain

Wash pillows

Vacuum mattresses

Wash rugs

Straighten garage

Polish wood floors




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Wipe down the walls

Clean carpets

Clean curtains

Clean dryer vents

Clean the oven

Have your AC/Heat system cleaned

Wash the outside of the windows

Clean the blinds

Clean debris from window wells




I have a few tips and tricks that I use to keep up with my cleaning routine.


Straighten as you go

When you’re heading upstairs take something with you to put away. I try not to leave a room empty handed. It may seem like a little such a little task, but at the end of the day it makes a huge difference. I also keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs for quick clean-ups. I fill the basket with anything that goes upstairs and take it all up at once to put away.


Get your kids to help

There’s no reason your kids cannot help out, if they are old enough. Instead of giving my kids a ton of jobs at once, I ask them to do one simple task. It not only makes it easier for them, but there’s less complaining too.


Don’t wait until the last minute

We’ve had a ton of house showings and inspections lately with the sale of our home. I don’t wait until the last minute to get things cleaned up. Keeping up with cleaning and straightening tasks makes it so much easier in the long run.



If I try to do to many cleaning tasks at once it seems like nothing gets done. Instead, I try to focus on finishing one thing before moving onto the next.


Pick your battles

This is one of my mantras. I apply it to parenting and cleaning. If I’m short on time or super tired, I pick the one thing that is making me the most crazy and tackle that. If the living room is super messy and driving me nuts, I focus only on that. Then at the end of the day I can sit down to read a bookย or watch a show and see that I’ve gotten at least one thing done.


Do one load of laundry a day

I try to do one complete load of laundry everyday. That means washing, drying, folding and putting away. I do have one day a week that I do massive amounts of laundry, but by doing one load a day it makes it easier.


ย How clean is your house? Find out when you should be cleaning everything in your home with this cleaning routine. #cleaning #homemaker #cleaningroutine #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #home #momlife


What cleaning tasks do you struggle with? What are your tips and tricks?


Written by: Devon



  1. Marissa | 26th Jun 17

    I also have three kids and a dog… and the cleaning is endless. I have a chart for weekly chores, but if I don’t get to them all one day, I let it go… there will be next week… There is clean because it’s respecting our home, and then there’s over the top always cleaning and keeping everything perfect… there’s a balance ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Andolina | 26th Jun 17

    Awesome cleaning list! Do you have any tips for cleaning the washing machine? I feel like this is probably one of the dirtiest appliances but I have no idea how to clean it.

    • | 27th Jun 17

      Yes! I use vinegar!

  3. Morgan | 26th Jun 17

    I have the hardest time keeping myself accountable with the cleaning schedules. I try to also straighten as I go and the tasks seem much less overwhelming. Great tips and tricks.

  4. Caitlin | 26th Jun 17

    I definitely don’t keep a super clean house, but I am trying to get better. The way you organized the tasks by daily, weekly, etc will really help me! Sometimes it just seems like so much I don’t know where to start.

  5. Nicole | 27th Jun 17

    I feel the same way about cleaning! I do think a schedule would help me be more productive!!

  6. Stacey | 28th Jun 17

    This is a great check list! I forget about the yearly jobs and I think I’m going to add them to my calendar to remind me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Emma | 29th Jun 17

    This is such a great resource for cleaning! Especially with little kids, it all seems so overwhelming. However, when it’s broken down like this, it does’t seem so bad! I always forget about the less frequent cleaning that needs to be done, like carpet cleaning, so this is a great reminder! I also need to get in the habit of doing a load of laundry a day, instead of waiting until all of the hampers are overflowing. Overall, great tips!

  8. Erica Penner | 30th Jun 17

    Okay, my house is definitely not clean, but this is such a useful post. Thanks!

  9. Patricia | 1st Jul 17

    This is a great list! I definitely love getting the kids involved!!

  10. Marissa Baum | 10th Aug 17

    Okay this is exactly what I needed… I’m moving out of my parents house this month and I have been terrified about remembering to clean. I’m printing this out! Thank you!

  11. Marissa Baum | 10th Aug 17

    I am totally printing this out. I’m moving into my own apartment this month and I was terrified that I wouldn’t have a good cleaning schedule. Thank you so much!

  12. Vanessa Price | 10th Aug 17

    What a thorough list! Some of this stuff just never ever happens for me. But I want to get better!

  13. Sharon | 10th Aug 17

    Ugh I hate cleaning! My it’s just my husband, my cat, and I so it’s not too bad now. But when I have kids, it sounds like it’s going to get crazy. I mean, taking out the trash every day?! We only do it a couple times a week now. Yikes!

  14. Rachel | 10th Aug 17

    I’m often overwhelmed and also have to do the “one task at a time” approach. Otherwise I look around and just get defeated! LOL

  15. andrea | 10th Aug 17

    WOW – I’m glad I could sweep my home once a week!

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