How To Save Time And Money With Walmart Grocery Pickup

How To Save Time And Money With Walmart Grocery Pickup

As a mom, Walmart Grocery Pickup is the best thing that’s happened to grocery shopping since I’ve been alive. It’s such a pain to take my kids to the grocery store sometimes. They constantly ask for toys or snacks that aren’t on my grocery list. Not only do they test my patience, but they increase my grocery bill. If you’re a busy mom you need to give Walmart Grocery Pickup a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. The service is free and Walmart gives you $10 off your first order! Who doesn’t want to save $10 on their grocery bill?

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How does Walmart Grocery Pickup save you money?

  • You can track your cart total while you shop. I love this feature! If my grocery budget is $100, I can easily see how close I am to reaching that $100 and adjust my cart accordingly.

  • You can use your Walmart Savings Catcher account to get cash back. I love cash back and it’s so simple to enter your receipt. To date I’ve earned over $150 using Walmart Savings Catcher.

  • You don’t have all the extras being added to your cart. Have you ever grocery shopped hungry? Not a good idea, you tend to buy things you don’t need, just because you’re hungry.

  • Your kids won’t beg for toys. It seems like every time I take my kids to the store they want a toy or some extra snack. Those little purchases add up.

  • It makes meal planning a snap. Simply create your meal plan and shop for the products. We all know that meal planning can save you money on it’s own, why not make it easier with Walmart Grocery Pickup?

How does Walmart Grocery Pickup make your life easier?

  • No need to spend an hour in the store. I tend to order my groceries at night while I’m watching TV. I can fill my cart and schedule pickup from the comfort of my recliner.

  • No kids throwing tantrums. The pickup process is so easy, you don’t have to take the kids out of the car.

  • Being a military wife, I find Walmart Grocery Pickup to be a life saver. If one of my kids or myself is sick during a deployment, I can easily order my groceries and pick them up. Nobody likes having to grocery shop when they are sick.

  • It takes less time than traditional grocery shopping. My mornings are pretty scheduled. I feed the kids and catch up on blogging, then I like to fit in a workout and do some housework. I don’t want to spend hours dragging my kids to the store. With Walmart Grocery Pickup, I can easily pickup my groceries without losing out on my blogging or workout time.

How does Walmart Grocery Pickup make you money?

  • You can refer friends to Walmart Grocery Pickup and earn money. When you refer a friend and they sign up, they get $10 off their first order and you get $10 toward your next order. Groceries are so expensive, especially when you are feeding kids and dogs!

What I don’t like about Walmart Grocery Pickup.

  • So far you cannot use ibotta, coupons, checkout 51 and other apps. I’ve spoken with the sales people multiple times and have been told that they are working on making it possible to use these cashback apps. The service is still so new that they are working on the service itself right now.

  • Sometimes if an item isn’t available they will remove it from your cart. I’ve only run into this problem about three times, which isn’t bad since I’ve used the service hundreds of times.

As a busy mom of three girls, I love anything that makes life easier. I can honestly say that Walmart Grocery Pickup makes my life easier.

If you’re interested in trying Walmart Grocery Pickup, ibotta or Checkout 51 click on the link.

What services do you use to make life easier?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Barbara Alfeo | 29th Jun 17

    i do think it is great to avoid all those little extras we buy our kids (eliminates so much waste) and to shop with a plan! I am no fan of Walmart’s ethics, but it is a cool idea for sure

  2. Farrah Lynn Albertie | 29th Jun 17

    I am definitely going to try Walmart pickup soon. My life has become so hectic lately,like. This would be the ultimate time saver

  3. Betty Boiron | 29th Jun 17

    This sounds so convenient! And you’re right, not having to take the kids to the store is wonderful.

  4. Audria | 29th Jun 17

    This is so cool! I haven’t tried it yet but is on my bucket list.

  5. Kyler | 30th Jun 17

    I’ve been really wanting to try this, I bet it would be a huge life-saver because usually I have to grocery shop with a four month old which is always a bit of a hassle. Thanks for posting!

  6. Walmart Coupon Code | 19th Jul 17

    Many people are interested about grocery pickup at Walmart. I am sure they will find this helpful. Great idea for sharing!

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