Fourth Of July Painting Craft For Kids

I seem to be one of those moms that tends to ignore the housework to do crafts and activities with my kids. Don’t get me wrong, it drives me nuts when my house is a mess, but there’s always time to clean up later.

If you’ve been following along with my posts you’ll know that we are in the midst of another military move. This time we are packing up our three kids, two dogs and everything we own and moving from Colorado to Georgia. Crazy, I know! My days have been full of phone calls, making arrangements and getting our house ready to be packed. That’s all on top of my usual daily “mom” tasks and house work.

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Fourth of July kids painting craft.

Today we took a break from the moving preparations to have some craft time. I don’t have many craft supplies in the house right now since the movers will not move them. Using what I had on hand we managed to do two Fourth of July painting crafts. The first craft we did was marble painting. My girls seemed to enjoy this and I’m sure will be doing it again in the future. The great thing about this craft is that the colors can be modified to match any holiday.


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Supplies needed

Construction paper. We got a great deal on this paper.

Paint ( we used this red and blue paint. )

One or two marbles ( we used the marbles that came with our Marble Works .)

Baking sheet to contain the marble. I would suggest one like this so the marble doesn’t get stuck in the grooved edges.


Simply lay your paper on the baking sheet and put small amounts of paint onto the paper.


Fourth of July kids painting craft


Drop the marbles onto the paper and begin tipping the baking sheet from side to side to roll the marble around through the paint.


Fourth of July kids painting craft



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It’s really that simple! I think they turned out pretty cool.


The next painting craft we did was salt painting.

Supplies Needed

Construction paper. We got a great deal on this paper.

Watercolor paint. We like to use these watercolor paints.


Glue, we used this glue.

Baking sheet to contain the mess.


As with the marble craft, put the paper on the baking sheet and use your glue to draw firework shapes. Make sure not to get the glue to thick.


Fourth of July kids painting craft




Shake off the extra salt and gently dab the paint onto the design.


Fourth of July kids painting craft



Fourth of July kids painting craft

I think these turned out cool too. This craft can be modified as well. Choose any colors or designs you like.

So, this is how we spent our afternoon. Now it’s time to catch up on housework and get some dinner cooked.


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What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth of July?

Written by: Devon



  1. Akyn | 2nd Jul 17

    Very artistic work of art. This is a perfect idea to let the kids play with their imagination.

  2. Rachel | 3rd Jul 17

    Aww its nice to see another crafting blog like me!! I love your crafting ideas and we will try them out very soon. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jenni Petrey | 3rd Jul 17

    I’ve done the marble painting with my kids and they loved it. They were fascinated by the patterns that were being created.

  4. Lee | 7th Jul 17

    This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing

  5. Cheri Baker | 9th Jul 17

    These look like so much fun! My boys are still too little for crafts like these but I cannot wait to do them!

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