Journey From Stay At Home Mom To Work At Home Mom: Part Two

The Journey From Stay At Home Mom To Work At Home Mom

My Blogging Journey

Part Two


This is my blogging story, a story of how I became a blogging mom. I guess you could say, I found myself through blogging. I’ve always been creative but never liked to write. My love for writing has grown since I began my blogging journey. I believe the growth is due to the fact that I’m writing what I’m passionate about. As a stay at home mom, I’m thrilled that I have found something I’m passionate about that also contributes to my families finances.

One of the first steps to starting a blog is to find your niche. My original niche was military life, but that didn’t work for me. I wasn’t passionate about what I was writing. I felt as though I were writing purely to get information out. My first few blog posts were about military life, but after taking a break I decided to switch my focus to mom life. That is a very broad category, I know. I found that I was most passionate about writing my life story, things that my kids are doing, what has helped and inspired me, and what I’m going through in my own life. Yes, this is what I was supposed to blog about. Everyone has a different story to tell that is unique and will inspire others, it’s just a matter of writing it out.

After finding my blogging niche, the blog posts started to flow. I found myself trying new things so that I could write about them. My kids and I made slime for the first time so that I could write a blog post about it. That’s what I love about blogging, you can push yourself to try new things and share them with your readers.

When I started my blogging journey, I decided that I would publish a monthly blog report. These reports are not only for my readers, but also for me to track my progress. You can see my first three blog reports here:

Month 1 Blog Report

Month 2 Blog Report

Month 3 Blog Report

My monthly blog reports help me to track my goals and followers, as well as income. I would encourage you to write these reports, even if it’s only for yourself.

During my first month of blogging I was still getting into the groove, finding my niche and learning how to navigate WordPress. I managed to write thirty blog posts that first month! Not all of them are amazing, but one by one I’m slowly going through them to apply the things that I’ve learned since then. My followers also increased that first month on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I have always focused primarily on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a search engine, unlike Twitter, your Pins remain on Pinterest forever.

I did not have any income the first month, but that’s to be expected. I have always stuck to the idea that during this first year, my main priorities should be growing my audience, getting my blog out there for others to see, and creating amazing content.

There’s another aspect to my blogging journey that I haven’t discussed yet, being a mom and finding time to blog. It’s not always easy. As I sit here writing this post, I have a six-year-old making a video on her iPad next to me, and a toddler making monkey noises while eating a banana. For now my eleven year old is happily playing The Sims 4 and my husband is away at training for a few days.

It was much easier to work on my blog while the kids were in school. I would drop my older two off, come home and get my toddler settled with a snack and something to play, then it was blogging time. I usually only got about an hour to work at a time, which can be hard on the creative process. During the first month, I spent my nights blogging until about midnight. That habit has changed, I find it hard to relax and sleep if I’ve worked on the blog after 9pm.

I’m surprised how much I’ve gotten done on my blog over summer vacation. My routine has changed, after I wake up and feed the kids, I sit down to catch up on social media promotion. From that point on, I try to fit my work whenever I can.

If you’d like to continue to follow my journey from being a stay at home mom to work at home mom, check back for Part Three soon. You can also subscribe to my blog to have it automatically delivered to your inbox.

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Chevelle | 6th Jul 17

    That’s awesome you are still able to get your blogging done in the summer. It’s so tough with kiddos!

  2. Ken Hanaya | 24th Jul 17

    I’m trying to convince my wife to do just this. We have 2 kids both teenagers and we work full-time jobs. Ironically she was the one who got me into blogging something I never thought to do. I wish I would’ve read this when I first started. Good article thanks

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