Month 4 Blog Income And Traffic Report

Blog income report for month 4 and tips for increasing your income.

Another month has come and gone! This month was busy for my family, so finding time to blog was tough. We are preparing to move across the country, from Colorado to Georgia. With three kids and two dogs, preparing to move can be quite a task. We have only about a week now until we are on the road to our new home.

I knew the next few months would be super busy, so I focused on writing and scheduling blog posts for the next two months. Using my cell phone, I was able to keep up with my social media bit by bit.

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Let’s take a look at my goals for June.

-Increase all followers by 75. I increased my followers by more than 75 on most social media platforms.

-Increase income. I did have an increase in my income.

-Work on creating a killer affiliate post. I created a few affiliate posts but didn’t make any money off them.

-Write 6 blog posts. Because I was working on creating content to schedule out for two months, I wrote 17 blog posts.

-Continue to apply for sponsored posts. ( someday I’ll get one.) I applied for tons of sponsored post opportunities but only got one social media  opportunity from Izea.

Again, I crushed my goals.

Lets take a look at my social media follower numbers.

Pinterest: May 840   June 1,200

Instagram: May 782  June 1,364

Twitter: May 980  June 1,658

Facebook: May 103  June 129

Page Views: May 6,070  June 7,299

Web Hosting

All of my social media accounts had what I consider huge increases, except Facebook. I don’t focus much on Facebook, for now my focus is mainly on Pinterest and Twitter. Most of my traffic comes from those two platforms. My page views also increased this past month. I wrote two guest posts in June, I believe that’s what helped increase my page views. The guest posts were an unpaid opportunity but gave my blog extra exposure.

Now let’s look at my income.

AdSense: May $25.74  June $35.60

Amazon: May $5.80  June $0

Flex Offers: May $2.99  June $0.48

Share a Sale: May $0  June $0

Massive Sway: May $0  June $0

Izea: May $0  June $20

Activate: May $0  June $0

Linqia: May $0   June $0

Total income: May $34.53  June $56.08


I find it somewhat strange that most of my income comes from AdSense. Many people have more luck with affiliates than ads. In my case, AdSense has been increasing steadily.

What I did that made a difference in June and my tips to you.

-As usual I continued to pin, pin, pin. Pinterest is a huge traffic source for my blog. I use canva to create my pin images. I’ve worked on adding more keywords to my pin descriptions.

-I increased my hashtags on Instagram. I used to use only two or three hashtags, but have increased to ten.

-Get involved on your social media accounts. Re-tweet, re-pin and like others posts.

-I’ve narrowed my affiliate marketing sources. For awhile I applied for any and every affiliate and sponsored opportunity. I now focus on Amazon, Flex Offers and Share a Sale.

-In June I joined a few more Facebook groups, which helped increase my reach. I would suggest joining five to six Facebook groups. I don’t participate in all of their threads, but I find that by mixing it up I am able to reach more people.

-Continue to learn. I’ve been reading books and searching Pinterest for blogging tips and advice. There’s always something to be learned. My favorite books for inspiration lately are:

You can checkout my Resource Page to see all my blogging resources and products.

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

 The Magnolia Story


 If you’re looking for a good read, check them out.

-Be yourself, write what you’re passionate about. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, instead be inspired by them.

-If you have questions, ask. I’ve asked so many questions in Facebook groups. My fellow bloggers have been so helpful and encouraging.

-Schedule your blog posts out a month. I have two notebooks and a calendar. In one notebook I keep a running list of blog post ideas, in the other I keep a list of posts I plan to write for the coming months. My calendar is where my life comes together. I have some super cute Gel Pens that I write my scheduled posts into my calendar with, the colors make it stand out and make it a little more fun.

Over the past four months my love of blogging has continued to grow. I find myself smiling at the thought of a new blog post idea or the thought that I’ve created something that is growing. If you’d like to learn more about my blogging journey and how I became a mom blogger check out Journey From Stay At Home Mom to Work At Home Mom: Part One.

If your thinking about starting a blog I would highly suggest SiteGround! I’ve had such a good experience with them. If I encounter a problem I’m easily able to get in contact with their customer service.

Lastly, my goals for July.

-Increase my social media following on all accounts by 100.

-Post at least three times a week on Instagram. I’m really bad about posting to Instagram, it’s an area that I need to improve on.Write 10 blog posts. This should be easy, I haven’t been able to do any crafts for my home in months because of our move. As soon as we are settled in I’ll be crafting like crazy.

-Set up a home office space for myself. In our current house I blog from the kitchen table, but our next house is twice the size. I have a spot all picked out and can’t wait to turn it into my own creative space.

-My main goal is to look into taking Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing. I’ve heard amazing things about the class.

         **Update: In August I bought Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing. I’m in love with the class and have seen an increase in my affiliate income already. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to take their income and blog to the next level.



My list of goals is somewhat small compared to other months. I don’t want to overwhelm myself since I’ll be driving across the country alone with three kids and a dog and setting up a new house.

Blog income report for month 4 plus tips to increase page views.

What are your goals for July?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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  1. Amanda | 8th Jul 17

    Awesome to read how another newbie blogger is doing. Good job & good luck!

  2. Allyse | 8th Jul 17

    Mannnn! This really makes me wonder what exactly am I waiting on to make my blog profitable ? I have to take a look into some of the affiliates you’re using. I’m only doing Adsense currently smh!

    Oh – Welcome to Georgia ! I hope you enjoy it here ! I’m in Atlanta !

    Allyse |

  3. Yukti | 8th Jul 17

    Nice tips. Where to apply for sponsered posts?

    • | 8th Jul 17

      I’ve tried IZEA, Activate and Massive Sway.

  4. Megan Miller | 9th Jul 17

    I need to step up my Pinterest game! I just got Tailwind and I am going to use the crap out of it. I thought it was all about sharing my own pins but I’ve seen more growth sharing others. It’s really all about collaboration in this world!

  5. Tracy | 14th Jul 17

    It is really a nice insight. I am trying to focus on growing my income as well from my blog and so far still very low luck. One day I can do it better, too. Yeah!

  6. Gemma | 9th Aug 17

    Awesome post! I need to learn your tricks for growing your followers! I really want a sponsored post too but I never have anything when I check those sites, any tips?

    • | 9th Aug 17

      I’m sorry. I have no tips when it comes to sponsored posts. I can’t seem to get one. Just keep at it.?

  7. Ashley | Spit Up and Sit Ups | 10th Aug 17

    I am SO jealous of your adsense income. That’s amazing and will ONLY get better. Also jealous that you’re so far ahead on content. Way to go!!!

    Sponsored posts WILL come. Keep working at your social media/influencer presence and it’ll happen. Once you hit 2,500 on Twitter apply for Linqia! Most of my income comes from my Linqia campaigns right now and I worked REALLY hard to get to 2,500. You’re SO SO close.

  8. Lindsey | 10th Aug 17

    As a new blogger myself, this is totally inspiring! I’m still not making much money at all but I do believe I can get there. I do have a question for you. What do you use for your “pop-up” sing up form? I’ve been trying to figure out how to add this to my site. Thank you for your help and for sharing!

  9. Nicole | 21st Aug 17

    Congratulations on your blog reach growing and getting an income for it. It is so nice when you have a success on your blog.

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