Back to School Clothes for Tween Girls

Back to School Clothes for Tween Girls

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It’s almost that time of year again, back to school time. This summer has flown by for us. This month we are moving from Fort Carson, Colorado to Fort Benning, GA. Crazy right, well it’s the thirteenth time we’ve moved so we’re pretty used to it.

The move is pretty easy on all of us except my eleven year old daughter. She’s sad to be leaving her friends and nervous about starting at a new school. I’m trying to get her excited by picking out school clothes for next year. We all know tweens can be difficult to shop for and picky, so I let her help me write this post. She helped me pick out the clothes featured in this post.

Here are her picks for back to school clothes.









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It can be so difficult to find modent yet “cool” clothes for tween girls. Dress codes put a major limit on the types of clothes tween girls can wear. For example, my daughters school doesn’t allow any tank tops or leggings. While I understand that the dress code is there to prevent the extreme, it makes it difficult to find clothes my daughter will wear.

Here are some stores that offer great clothing options for tween girls.

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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