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Every year about this time, moms, dads and caregivers across the country go on a very stressful journey known as, back to school shopping. Besides shopping for school supplies there’s school clothes shopping. I have three girls, luckily only two of them are in school. The two girls that I have to shop for are five years apart, which means totally different taste in clothing and accessories.

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I try to do most of my back to school shopping online. It makes it so much easier. We all know how difficult it can be to take kids shopping. It’s inevitable that by the end of the shopping trip I’m frazzled and have broken a sweat. To make school clothes shopping a little easier I’ve put together a list of some super cute and affordable clothes for elementary age girls and boys.

Back To School For Girls

Dresses, Shoes, Jeans, Shirts and Skirts



























Back To School For Boys

Jeans, Shoes, Shirts and Hoodies



































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Hopefully this post will be helpful to you. Like I said, I’m doing most of my back to school clothes shopping online. Most of my shopping is done on Amazon and Children’s Place.

Do you shop online or in-store?

Written by: Devon

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