Send Your Girls Back To School In Style

Modest and cute bacl-to-school clothes for girls. #clothes #kidsstyle #fashion #backtoschool #kids #musthave #kidsclothes #kidfashion #momlife #parenting #girls

It’s hard to believe school is about to start again. Lately I’ve been getting super excited about picking out clothes, shoes and accessories for my daughters. My oldest is going into 7th grade and middle daughter is going into 2nd grade. Shopping for school supplies and clothes reminds me of my own childhood. One things for sure, the clothes are much cuter now then they were when I was in school. We didn’t have a Gymboree to shop at!

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Having both a tween daughter and six year old daughter makes shopping difficult. It’s also difficult to find modest clothing for girls. Most dress codes now do not allow short shorts and dresses. Gymboree has tons of cute yet modest girls clothing. I love shopping at Gymboree because I can get super cute clothes for both daughters in one place. I recently finished our school clothes shopping, for now. You know how it is, kids always need something or outgrow something. Here are a few of the items that were in our cart.


Hopefully some of my picks will help you with your school clothes shopping. Head over to Gymboree and check out more super cute clothes. With my shopping done I can now focus on the more difficult job, managing all the “clothes crisis” in my house each morning.

Modest and cute bacl-to-school clothes for girls. #clothes #kidsstyle #fashion #backtoschool #kids #musthave #kidsclothes #kidfashion #momlife #parenting #girls

Where do you shop for school clothes?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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