How to increase your affiliate income and AdSense earnings. Blog Income and Traffic Report.

Month six blog income report. How to increase your AdSense earnings and income.


This past month has been spent settling into our new home in Alabama. We recently made our 13th military move from Colorado to Alabama. Our house has been unpacked since our third day in the house, but we are still settling into our new surroundings and routine. With the girls back in school, I’ve found more time to work on my blog and learn new blogging techniques.

August was my 6th month blogging! It’s hard to believe that six months ago I started my blog. When I set up my blog I went through Bluehost but have since switched to SiteGround. I like SiteGround so much more than Bluehost. Being self hosted means that I can monetize my blog more freely, which has enabled me to make a small income from my blog.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through these links I may be compensated at no charge to you.

My followers and income increased this past month. You can see my 5th month blog report here. I’ve had a steady increase in my blogging income and social media followers over the past six months. I started out in month one making a whopping $1.50 and in month six made $337.93.

You can see all my blog income reports here.

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Let’s look at my goals for month six.

-Gain 200 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I did gain 200 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

-Write and publish 10 blog posts. I only wrote and published 5 blog posts in August.

-Finish Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

-Increase my income. My income did increase.

-Create an Instagram schedule to keep myself on track. I didn’t create a schedule but did post more often.

I love writing these blog reports because they help me keep track of my goals and progress. I also hope to show new bloggers what is possible and realistic. We’ve all seen the posts about how to make thousands of dollars per month blogging. That may happen in the first few months for some, but for most bloggers it takes time and hard work.

Month 6 blog income report plus tips for beginners.

Social Media Followers And Traffic:

Pinterest: July 1490 August 1700

Twitter: July 2000 August 2300

Facebook: July 151 August 220

Instagram: July 1500 August 1750

Page Views: July 4446 August 7353


I believe my social media followers increase for a few reasons. First, I signed up with Buffer for Twitter. With Buffer I’m able to schedule my Twitter posts and keep track of what tweets are getting the most impressions and clicks. Because I don’t want to spend tons of money on my blog at this point, I signed up for the free plan. The free plan allows you to schedule 10 tweets at a time. I find that this is just fine for me. Every night I schedule my 10 tweets for the next day. You can sign up for the free plan here.


**UPDATE: I now use Crowdfire for my Twitter posts. Crowdfire not only lets you schedule your tweets, you can see your inactive followers and unfollows, which I know is a big issue for some bloggers.

I pin regularly on Pinterest and to multiple boards, including group boards. I’ve learned that you need to be picky when it comes to group boards. Make sure to choose boards that have a higher number of followers. I try to pin between 80 and 100 times per day. For every ten pins of someone else’s I pin one of my own.

**UPDATE: I now use Tailwind to schedule my Pins and pin around 40 times per day. Tailwind is such an amazing tool, I highly suggest giving it a try.

My AdSense earning have been increasing steadily every month. Here are some tips to help increase your AdSense earnings.

Month six blog income report. How to increase your AdSense earnings and income.


I also follow others in my niche and participate in a few really awesome Facebook Groups. The Facebook groups have follow threads which helps increase your following. Here are a few of my favorite Facebook groups.

Mom Bloggers Tribe

Growing Social Media For Bloggers

Blogging With Heart

Pinning Ain’t Easy

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing, this group board is for those that sign up for the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Class


AdSense: July $160.31 August $256.28

Amazon: July $1.30 August $13.83

Flex Offers: July $ .51 August $0

Share A Sale: July$0 August $0

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: July$0 August $67.60

Massive Sway: July $0 August $0

Izea: July $0 August $0

Activate: July $0 August $.22

Social Native: July $0 August $0

Linqia: July $0  August $0

Total Income: July $162.12 August $337.93

You can join any of these programs by clicking on the links above. When I signed up for Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing I was so impressed with the class that I became an affiliate. Michelle teaches you everything you could possible need to know about affiliate marketing. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but over time by implementing the strategies that she teaches you’ll see an increase in your affiliate income. Some of the things covered in the class are how to pick the right affiliate for your niche, how to promote the product and how to create an affiliate marketing strategy. I would highly recommend her class if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and increasing your income.


If you want more information about the websites and products I use while blogging you can check out my resources page here.


My Top Blog Posts From August Were:

How I Earned $160 In My 5th Month Blogging

Beautiful Farmhouse Décor Under $50

Fall Family Bucket List

How To Love Being A Homemaker

The Best Board Games For Grown-Ups


My Goals For September:

-Write and publish 8 blog posts

-Learn more from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

-Come up with an idea for a product to sell

-Increase followers and engagement

-Update 4 old blog posts

-Write a post about starting a blog

-Start sending out monthly emails to my subscribers


My advice for bloggers:

-If you haven’t already, switch to a self-hosted blog. Being self hosted enables you to monetize your blog. I would highly recommend  SiteGround. I love their customer support. If you ever run into a problem they are there to help.

-Switch your social media accounts to business accounts. With the business accounts you’re able track your analytics.

-Pin regularly on Pinterest. Pinning throughout the day makes it so more people see your pins.

-Create great pinnable images. Make sure you have plenty of white space on your pins.

-Make sure your posts contain personality. Don’t just write information, add your personal character to your posts.

-Sign up with only a few affiliates within your niche to start out. Really get to know your audience and what they want. Take those few affiliates and write down some ideas of how you can promote them in blog posts and on social media.

-I can’t stress this enough, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing invest in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. If you become an affiliate and sign just 4 people up through your link your course will have paid for itself. I’ve learned so much, not just about affiliate marketing, from this course.

Check out my recommendations page to see all the programs and apps I use for my blog.

Check out the Top 5 Pinterest Tips For Bloggers!


Here are some other ways I made money this month. These are super easy ways to earn money from home, as a stay at home mom I’ll take any income I can. Let’s face it, kids are expensive!

Swagbucks: August income $5.28 giving me a total of $34.29. With Swagbucks you earn points my watching videos, taking survey’s and shopping through their links. If your going to buy something on Amazon or another site and go through their links you’ll earn points. Once you reach 2,500 points you can redeem them for a $25 gift card or keep saving up to get larger gift cards. Another awesome perk is that you earn points when you refer your friends and others to Swagbucks!

Inbox Dollars: August income $13.63. Inbox Dollars works pretty much the same way as Swagbucks. One thing I like about Inbox Dollars is that I can play games to earn money too. Just like Swagbucks you earn money when you refer friends and others to Inbox Dollars.

I also use Ibotta and Checkout 51 but haven’t done much with them this month.

My lifetime earnings with Ibotta have reached $193. That’s not bad for simply doing my shopping then scanning my receipt.

Month six blog income report. How to increase your AdSense earnings and income.

What are your blogging goals for September?

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  1. Viktoria | 11th Sep 17

    You need to create a step by step guide for google adsense for me! I get more pageviews than you, but I’ve only made about $15 in total during 6 months :p

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ashley | Spit Up and Sit Ups | 13th Sep 17

    Great post! I will have to try your Adsense advice!

  3. Hannah | 13th Sep 17

    This is so great. I have a question though. How had you increased your page views so quickly? I feel like I’m doing all the same social media promotions you mentioned and my social media following is similiar but I have been sitting around 100 page views a month and no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to increase. Any advice would be appreciated thanks!

  4. Trema Minning | 14th Sep 17

    This is an awesome post! Thank you for being professional yet not so techy I can’t understand! LOL

  5. Shari | 9th Nov 17

    Where did you learn how to use Google Adsense? I can’t even figure out how to set up a header banner. I definitely need a little how to so I can make the most of the traffic I am getting to my blog.

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