Halloween Movies For Families

  Halloween Movies For Families

Halloween is fast approaching and I’m beginning to gather crafts and activities for my kids and family. One of our favorite things to do is pop popcorn in our Popcorn Popper and have a family movie night. You can see more of our favorite fall activities in this Fall Family Bucket List with printable.

We have quite an age range to cater to in our house as far as movies go. My toddler prefers to watch movies and shows involving Dora and Minnie Mouse. We also have a 7 year old and 11 year old that luckily for us are pretty open to movies that we suggest.

While we love having family movie nights, my husband and I try to watch a few movies without the kids. As far as we are concerned, anything scary will do. But, this list is about the movies that we watch as a family.

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So here’s my ultimate list of Halloween movies for families.







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Halloween Movies For Younger Kids



There are so many more Halloween movies out there! What are your favorite movies to watch for Halloween?

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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Here are a few of our favorite Halloween finds!


  1. Kelsey | 18th Oct 17

    I read somewhere that they’re rebooting Hocus Pocus, have you heard about this? Not sure how I feel about it.

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 20th Oct 17

      Nope hadn’t heard that.

  2. Evelyn | 19th Oct 17

    My kids love all of Hotel Transylvania! The one that I prob ably didn’t expect to love was Frankenweenie.

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