Fast and Effective 10 Minute Clean-Up


We’ve all been there, it’s almost dinner time and you suddenly realize your house is a mess. I’m not sure how it happens, since I spend most of my day cleaning. I blame it on the tiny humans in my house. I love my girls, but let’s face it kids are messy!

I don’t function well when my house is cluttered and messy. My kids are notorious for walking in the door after school and dropping all their stuff NEXT to the coat closet. This pile includes shoes, socks, lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks and jackets. Seriously, the coat closet is right there. Anyway, the after school mess is just one of the messes I’m referring to.



Being an Army wife I’m never really sure when my husband will come home from work, but I like to have the house straightened when he walks in the door. So it’s almost dinner time, the kids have created the after school mess and I have a two year-old taking every toy out. It’s time for the 10 Minuet Clean-Up!


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Over the years I’ve developed a 10 minute clean-up routine for times like these. Using this method will make your evening run smoother.


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10 Minute Clean-Up


-Grab a basket and do a quick walk through of the main areas of your house, gathering things that are out-of-place along the way. (You can empty the basket within 5 minutes later that evening.)

-Straighten and wipe the counters down. This step makes cooking dinner easier. I’m not talking about deep cleaning, just a quick straighten.

-Grab any dirty dishes, water bottles and lunch boxes and take them to the sink.

-Either have your kids put their after school mess away or do it yourself.

-Fold throw blankets and put the pillows back on the couch OR run the vacuum really quick, which ever area is bugging you the most.

-Do one last walk through and grab any dirty laundry that’s lying around and take it to the hamper. ( Those of us with kids know that socks and     other dirty laundry end up everywhere but the hamper most of the time.)


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Now your house should be straightened. Remember that this is just a quick clean-up, it’s meant to be done fast so hustle up!




To make clean-up easier I keep a basket at the bottom of our stairs that I fill with anything that needs to go upstairs. I really don’t like going up and down the stairs a million times throughout the day. I use a basket like this.  The handles make it easy to carry and looks like a nice decoration instead of a junk basket.



I have a collection of Dyson vacuums. I know, how many vacuums does one person need? Well, I need them all! Let me add that I get the vacuums as Christmas presents from my amazing husband. A lot of people think it’s tacky that he gets me a vacuum for Christmas, but I love it. Cleaning tools are my jam! Here’s my collection of Dyson’s. I have one for every job.


Do you have a quick clean-up routine. if so what is it?


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Written by: Devon


  1. Jamie | 28th Nov 17

    Love the idea of a 10 minute cleanup because who doesn’t have 10 minutes and 10 is better than none right?? So many great tips- love the basket idea.

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