Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher Just Got Easier

Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

Just Got Easier

A Review of the Talk To The Teacher eBook.

Talk To The Teacher


I was given a free copy of this eBook to review as well as videos. All opinions are my own and as usual I only post about products and services that I use myself and highly recommend. 

Most of you know by know that I’m a military wife and mom. Being a military wife and mom means that we move often. My kids don’t attend the same school for more than three years which makes it difficult to form relationships with the school staff and teachers.

If you’re looking for better communication with your child’s teacher I would highly recommend Talk to the Teacher. In her book, Meg covers everything from getting prepared for a phone call or meeting with your teacher to understating the schools hierarchy. This book has made such a difference when communicating with my girls teachers.


In her book you’ll find tips as well as worksheets to help with:

  • Parent teacher conferences

  • Email communication

  • How to approach a negative situation at school

  • How to communicate effectively on the phone with the teacher

  • Tips for starting a new school year or new school

Talk To The Teacher is written for every parent. Meg understands that no two students are the same. She has an amazing understanding of special education needs. In every section of the book you’ll find something that applies to you.

As an added bonus you’ll get video training sessions too.

I’ve learned so much from reading this book. I would highly recommend reading Talk To The Teacher no matter what grade your kids are in. You can find the book on Amazon.You can find more amazing tips and resources on the MilKids Facebook page, blog, Twitter page , Instagram and Pinterest.

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Review written by: Devon

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