Super cute kitchen accessories.

Give your kitchen a pick me up with these must have kitchen accessories.


I’m not a master chef, in fact I’m far from it. My idea of dinner is usually Hamburger Helper or something just as simple. Sometimes I’ll go all out and cook some pretty amazing steaks but usually my time in the kitchen is pretty routine and boring. I’d love to be an amazing cook but seem to fail every time I try. This coming year, one of my resolution is to learn to cook. To kick off my New Year’s resolution I’m shopping for some new kitchen accessories to motivate me.

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Here are some of the cutest, must have kitchen accessories on the internet.

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If you’re shopping online make sure to check Ebates for savings and cashback! 


I love aprons! When I wear my apron I feel like “super homemaker.”

Check out this super cute apron I found.



Who says oven mitts have to be boring? Check out these super cute oven mitts I found on Amazon. Not only are they cute, they are 100% cotton and lined with super soft terry.

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I have tons of boring storage containers in my kitchen but would love these super colorful containers. They are a must have because they are microwave and dishwasher safe as well as cute.

Check out these colorful bamboo spoons I found on Amazon!


Super cute kitchen towels are a great way to add character to your kitchen decor.



Amazon is full of cute animal themed kitchen accessories. I love this sassy bird veggie and fruit peeler.

Crafted of 100% cotton, these colorful towels are sure to brighten up your kitchen.

We all know the kitchen can get messy, so make clean up easier. This fun bird shape kitchen timer is easy to clean, simply wipe clean with a cloth. You can set it for up to 60 min.

I love this machine washable embroidered hot pot holder. Not only is it functional but it would look great hanging in the kitchen.


My husband always teases me that I make too many noodles when we have pasta. This is such a great idea to get the perfect amount of noodles.

Here’s another super cute apron!


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There isn’t always a man around to help open a tough jar. The Zip-Eat is the perfect solution and It’s cute.

Make breakfast fun with this non-stick egg and pancake mold. My kids love it when their breakfast is in fun shapes. Somehow it is magically more delicious that way.


What are your goals for the new year? Are you planning to get into better shape, get more organized or be a better mom? Whatever your goals are I would suggest doing your research now. Create a Pinterest board and fill it with ideas and inspiration for the new year.


Written by: Devon


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