Soft winter skin for the whole family.

Soft Winter Skin For The Whole Family

With Lubriderm

winter skin


Winter is here and that usually means dry, rough skin. My kids and I use Lubriderm lotion, which is available at Walmart to combat our dry winter skin.

 Over the holiday’s we traveled from the humid climate of Alabama to Michigan. Being a military family we find ourselves changing climates quite often. One thing that has remained the same for us though is our use of Lubriderm lotion to keep our winter skin soft and healthy. One of my favorite things about Lubriderm lotion is that it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, which is a lifesaver in humid climates.

As we prepared for our trip up north this holiday season I stopped by Walmart to grab our traveling snacks and restock our supply of Lubriderm. Walmart has a great selection of Lubriderm. I ended up buying Lubriderm Daily Moisture and Advanced Therapy.

winter skin

The Daily Moisture Lotion is enriched with vitamin B-5 and essential moisturizers. It does an amazing job hydrating my skin without leaving me feeling greasy. It’s gentle enough that I can use it on my kids. The price is great too, I got a huge bottle for under $10!


I also grabbed the Advanced Therapy Lotion while I was there. The Advanced Therapy Lotion is enriched with B-5 as well as vitamin E. It gave me even more hydration while still avoiding the greasy feeling. I love the light scent of this lotion too. As an added bonus there was a coupon to use at the time of purchase on the bottle. I don’t know about you but I love coupons!

winter skin

I got both bottles of Lubriderm for under $20! If you prefer to order your groceries online you can check out Walmart Grocery Pickup. Both the Daily Moisture and Advanced Therapy are available online.

winter skin

How do you keep your families winter skin hydrated?

Winter Skin
Written by: Devon


  1. Stephanie ReadsWell | 3rd Jan 18

    The need of taking care of our skin increases during the winter season. Lubriderm looks so useful and worth trying.

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