Five Easy Ways To Be A Happier Mom

Five Easy Ways To Be A Happier Mom

Being a mom can have its moments. Do any or all of these five things to be a happier mom.

Sometimes I feel like I say and do the same things over and over, day after day. As a mom of three girls and wife to a soldier, I completely understand mom burnout. There are days that I literally say the same things over and over and clean up the same mess multiple times. I love my kids and husband but let’s face it, everyone has their moments.

Here are five easy ways to be a happier mom today. All of these things can be done with your kids around and will possibly make them happier too.

Put yourself in mommy timeout.

Even with little ones around, this is possible. You don’t have to leave the house or even the room to take a timeout. My kids actually think it’s funny when I say that I’m in timeout. If your kids are older, head to a different room or escape outside for a few minutes of peace. With younger kids you can simply sit down in a comfy chair and close your eyes while taking deep breaths for a few minutes. By taking yourself out of the situation for a few minutes you’re able to gain perspective. Is the mess really worth cleaning up 10 times a day or can it wait until the end of the day?

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Stop stressing about housework.

Ok, this one is hard for me. I like my house to be tidy and in order at all times, but it just isn’t possible. When housework starts to stress you out or your kids are acting up because they aren’t getting attention STOP. The housework can wait and spending a few minutes playing or sitting with your kids will make them happier and recharge your mom batteries.

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Take a walk or get outside with your kids.

Sometimes something as simple as a change of scenery makes my kids happier and gets rid of the attitude. This same thing will work for you too. Grab the stroller and take a quick walk or head outside to push your kids on the swing. My mom used to call it “clearing out the cobwebs.” If you’re a toddler mom you can check out our favorite outdoor toys for toddlers here.

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Get silly.

This is one of my favorites, you’ll find my kids and I having random dance parties or singing silly songs when the crankiness get to be too much. Not only will this get you and your kids laughing but by the time you’re done you’ll all have a smile on your face and be recharged. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Another way to get silly is to play a game with your kids. My middle daughter got the most amazing game for Christmas. It is seriously so much fun for the whole family. You can check it out here.

Remember that you’re enough.

As moms it’s easy to compare ourselves to other moms or people we see on social media. Your kids love you for who YOU are, so just be you and be present. We need to remember that most of the “happy” families and pictures we see on social media are posed and not necessarily real.

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These are a few of the ways I find happiness in parenting when things get tough. I hope some of them will work for you. I’d love to hear what tips you have to being a happier mom.

Written by: Devon


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    I love this post, all are great reminders and super helpful ?

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