Save Money On Groceries Without Losing Your Mind

Save Money On Groceries Without Losing Your Mind

saving money

Do you feel like you spend more on groceries each month than anything else? I can’t stand the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on groceries only to have them be gone in a week or two. I’ve scoured the web for ways to save money on groceries so that you don’t have too. Here are some easiest ways to save money at the grocery store.

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If you’ve searched for ways to save money on groceries I’m sure you’ve heard of the show Extreme Couponers. I’m amazed that some of those people get their groceries either for free or have the store owe them money. I don’t take my money-saving that far. Besides the fact that I don’t have the time to spend hours clipping coupons, I don’t have the space to store thousands of items in my home. I’m not a fan of stockpiling my groceries since we are a military family and move often. I do stockpile a few items when I find them on sale such as hygiene products and household products. If I find a great deal on body wash or trash bags I take full advantage and buy enough to last a few months.

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There are a few things I’ve started doing that have cut our grocery bill.

  • Meal planning. When our meals are planned out we don’t have wasted food in our refrigerator. I’m sure its happened to you, you open the fridge to make dinner and find that your chicken or steaks are expired. By planning out my meals I make sure to use the meat and produce before it’s no good.

  • Shop my pantry. When I’m making a grocery list I look in the pantry, fridge and freezer to see what I already have. By making my grocery list according to items I already have I save money. Check out my free meal planning printables here.

  • Get and use money saving apps. Smartphones have made saving money so simple. While I’m making my grocery list I keep the stores website open to their sales and deals, and check my apps for saving and cash back.

  • Coupons. I don’t use coupons often because there don’t seem to be coupons for the items that I need or use. Seriously, don’t buy things just because they are on sale or you have a great coupon.

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If you’re looking for deals check these sites and apps.

  • Ibotta If you sign up through this link you’ll get a $10 bonus!

  • Swagbucks Shop online and earn cash back using Swagbucks. Why not earn money when your buying the things you need.?

  • Groupon You can find deals and sales on anything from services to products on Groupon.

  • Checkout 51 This is like ibotta where you earn cash back.

  • This is an oldie but goodie. It’s been around for awhile but has tons of coupons to either print at home or add directly to your shopping card.


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Tips to save on groceries:

  • Meal planning is super helpful. I even try to plan our breakfasts, lunches for my kids and I and dinners.

  • Apps and coupon sites

  • Check your stores sale flyer. They can be found online. Most store with a savings card let you add deals and coupons right to your shoppers card.

  • Stop shopping at Sams and Costco. We all know we spend too much money in these stores. Instead buy in bulk on Amazon, they even have Amazon only coupons.

  • Try AmazonFresh Free Trial You can order your groceries right from Amazon. How cool is that?

  • Stick to your list and keep it organized. Get free printable grocery list templates here.

  • Keep your pantry organized so you know what you have.

  • Do a double-check before you hit the checkout. I like to do this to make sure I didn’t impulsively put something in my cart that I don’t really need, plus sometimes the kids sneak items into my cart.

  • Buy store brand instead of name brand. Sometimes I will only choose the name brand but for lots of items store brand is just as good.

  • Look for items that you can stack your savings. Sometimes I’ll find an item with a rebate as well as a coupon, those are the items I might stock up on.

These are a few of the ways I save on groceries. Let’s face it, nobody like spending money they don’t have to.

saving money

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  1. Alexis | 2nd Feb 18

    I’ve been using Groupon since I was in high school! I love using it because it allows me to try out new restaurants (and even gyms) without paying a full price up front.

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