Must Have Cleaning Products

Must Have Cleaning Products

Make Your House Smell Amazing

The most amazing cleaning products for a natural home.


I’ve recently discovered the most amazing cleaning products that make my house smell clean and fresh, even with kids and dogs running around. These cleaning products are a must have for homemakers.


For years I bought any cleaning product that was on sale or caught my eye while grocery shopping. Well that just doesn’t cut it anymore. I have three kids and two dogs running around so I don’t want to be spraying just anything around my home. I’m slowly making the switch to more natural cleaning products. I’ve tried my hand at making my own cleaning products with essential oils, but that wasn’t for me.

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Not only are these cleaners natural but you don’t even have to leave your house to get them! Yup, you read that right. No dragging the kids to the store! Have I got your attention yet?

I ordered all of these products online and had them delivered directly to my door. Amazing!

Natural cleaning products

If you are interested in trying Grove you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first order in addition to a free 4 piece gift set with your first order of $20 or more.

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So let’s talk a little about the company I ordered them from.

Grove Collaborative is an amazing online store full of natural products. At first I was skeptical and visited the website many times before finally placing my first order. I didn’t want to be stuck getting products every month that I didn’t need and having to pay tons of money every month. I did my research and found that none of those things would happen.

Here’s what I love about Grove Collaborative.

  • Natural products

  • The shipment schedule is up to you.

  • Great prices

  • Great customer service

  • It’s super easy to order and navigate their website

  • Shipping was fast

  • Great selection

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So what did I get in my first order that is so amazing? Oh and I only paid $30 total and got free shipping.

Cleaning Products

I’ve always loved Mrs. Meyer’s products. My favorite scent is Lemon Verbena. I love how it makes my kitchen smell. I’ve purchased the spray cleaner in the past but this time I decided to try the dish soap and hand soap as well.

Because I have kids, I’m a big fan of disinfecting products. Everything they touch gets disinfected once a week! Well maybe not everything. I decided to try Method products this time. I purchased Method All Purpose+Antibac in the Bamboo scent and LOVE it! The scent is subtle and not over powering. I use it instead of Lysol Wipes.

I love these natrual cleaning products. Give them a try today!

Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner was also included in my first order. This is by far the most amazing bathroom cleaner I’ve tried. Like the All Purpose Cleaner, the scent is subtle yet it still gets the job done.

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Ok, wool dryer balls have become my new obsession. I have about six that I’ve made in my dryer and just added three more from Grove. Along with the dryer balls I ordered their Lemon essential oil scent. I like to hang my laundry to dry but find that sometimes it’s not very soft. The dryer balls solved that problem while making them smell lemon fresh.

I received the Walnut and Cellulose Scrubber Sponges for free because it was my first order. I love that you can stick them right into the dishwasher to clean them instead of having to replace them. The 100% cotton navy and white towel was also included for free. It’s a high quality towel and comes in multiple colors.

Overall I’m super impressed with Grove and plan to continue ordering my cleaning products through them monthly. I also plan to look into their other products as well. They don’t just sell cleaning products.

Here are some other shopping categories on the Grove website.

  • Cleaning Essentials

  • Paper and Storage

  • Laundry

  • Health

  • Oral Care

  • Skin Care and Grooming

  • Baby and Kids Products

Have you tried Grove Collaborative? What are your favorite products?

The most amazing cleaning products for a natural home.


Written by: Devon




  1. Jordan | 28th Feb 18

    I’m always so weary of trying new cleaning products but I’m loving these recommendations! I’m definitely going to check these out!

  2. Marjie Mare | 28th Feb 18

    Wow, thanks for sharing, I did not know about those products which I feel like would be a huge help for me.

  3. Emily | 1st Mar 18

    I love the Meyer’s products! I’m obsessed with the lavender hand soap!

  4. Sarah | 2nd Mar 18

    I have never heard of Grove Collaborative products. After your review I will be looking into this as it is an all natural product. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Pam @ Nutrition to Heal Yourself | 18th May 18

    We are on the same page with cleaning products, my faves too. I need to check out those dryer balls and the sponge. Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Holly | 11th Oct 19

    I love the bamboo scent from the Method line of cleaning products! Ever since having my third kiddo the harsh chemical smelling cleaning products make my head hurt, so I’ve been experimenting with natural products to find alternatives. I’ll have to look into Grove, especially since they’ll ship it all!

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