Avoid Kitchen Chaos: Here’s How You Can Get That Home Makeover Right First Time!

Avoid Kitchen Chaos:

Here’s How You Can Get That Home Makeover Right First Time!

Avoid kitchen chaos. Get your kitchen makeover right the first time.



For most families, the kitchen is one of the most well used rooms in the home, so it’s important to get it right. Not only is a good kitchen practical, but it can also add value, too. Whether you’re considering updating your tired kitchen on a budget, or ripping it out and completely renovating, there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind. Here are just a few of them.

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The kitchen can be a dangerous place. Heat, knives and cleaning chemicals are all hazards that can be a danger to you, children or pets. Keeping the kitchen safe is a number one priority. Consider moving all cleaning chemicals to a high up cupboard out of reach of children and animals, or use cupboard locks. Use baby gates to keep them out of the kitchen, and have a fire blanket installed, which can smother a fire in the result of hot oil catching fire. You will need to make sure that your oven and other key appliances are of the highest quality, and are fitted safely too. Gas appliances that aren’t properly installed can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. As well as a smoke alarm, every home should have a carbon monoxide alarm just in case.

Get your kitchen makeover right the first time.


There are a lot of things that you need to store in the kitchen. From pots and pans to smaller electrical appliances like grilling machines, slow cookers and food processors. You need place for your pots and pans, your trays and dishes, cutlery, crockery and much more. Making sure you have adequate storage space is key, so when you’re planning the layout, think of ways to maximize the space. Sites like RTA Depot have lots of cabinets to choose from, work out which will fit best in the room you have. For example, corner units can be fitted with a rotating shelf so you’re not losing any space at the back. One way you can add tons of space and help to keep the kitchen neat and tidy is to create a pantry. All of your dried ingredients and supplies can be neatly stored away in one place, freeing up cupboard space for everything else. A home pantry is quite an old-fashioned concept, but one that has definitely become trendy again in recent years thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and blogs. A perfectly stocked pantry is any domestic goddesses dream, no rifling through tiny kitchen cupboards or digging through drawers. Storing ingredients like flour, rice and pasta into glass jars will not only make the pantry look great, but keep things fresh and keep pests out too. Just be sure to label everything so you know what it is, you could print  off labels online or purchase a label maker cheaply online.

Get your kitchen makeover right the first time.



The right lighting will really make the most of your kitchen. First things first would be to make the most of the natural daylight. If your budget is bigger you could have skylights installed, have your window made larger or have French doors fitted. However if you’re making over the kitchen on a budget, just giving the window a good clean and switching to some lighter blinds or curtains can help. From there, sufficient lighting is needed. Spotlights are a good choice as they minimize dark corners, you could go a step further and add strip lighting underneath cabinets as well.


The kitchen can get hot, smoky and steamy when you’re cooking. If you want to avoid discolored walls, mold and smells then you need to ensure it’s properly ventilated. Opening windows while cooking can help, but an extractor fan should be on your list if you don’t have one in your kitchen. If you’re getting an oven installed, most modern models will have a hood with an extractor in it. Otherwise you could purchase one separately.


Your kitchen is one of the liveliest parts of the entire house, and it fulfils many roles. When designing your kitchen, you need to know that it can satisfy those needs. Do you want to cook more from scratch to save money and live more healthily? If so, plenty of counter space to cook, chop and prepare is needed, and a large fridge for storing fresh ingredients. You could even go a step further and grow some of your own, even herbs in windowsill pots can do very well and save you a ton of money. Do you want to start entertaining more at home? If so, an open plan design with an island for casual seating can work well. If you regularly have guests over for drinks and dinner parties, you could consider having a wine fridge or wine rack installed. If you want to be more efficient and spend less time on chores and more time with the family, then embracing modern technology is a must. Modern appliances can be controlled via a smart phone app, even having a dishwasher installed can save on time. If you want a space that’s easy to keep clean, keep it minimal and keep clutter off the tops. That way it’s easy to give things a quick wipe down after each use without having to lift and clean lots of extra things.


Personality is what makes a house a home. You’ll want to decorate your kitchen in a way that reflects you and your style. Over time our homes can lose that freshly decorated appearance and accumulate chips stains and overall a space that feels like it needs updating. A fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures and accessories can really finish off the look. Things like updating the like light sockets and plug sockets to new chrome ones will make all the difference. The same applies to door handles and drawer handles, even if you’re not updating your cabinets you can switch out the handles for a more modern look. Another great way to update your kitchen is to change the taps, this can bring in personality and make it look more expensive. Even an inexpensive kitchen sink or basic fitted kitchen will look nicer with good taps.

Avoid kitchen chaos. Get your kitchen makeover right the first time.

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