Tween Girl Backpack Essentials

Tween girl backpack essentials

What Every Tween Girl Should Keep In Her Backpack

Tween girls are sometimes very confusing creatures. But along with the confusion comes the fun of watching them grow into young ladies. I love helping my daughter pick out accessories, clothes and décor items. Your daughter isn’t a little girl anymore and requires new and different things in her backpack for school.

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When you’re thinking about what to put in your tween girls backpack, think about what’s in your purse. She might not need all the items or the same exact items but it will give you an idea of where to start.

Tween girls also love their accessories! It can be a cool pencil-case, colorful lunch box, or super cool water bottle. I love helping my daughter accessorize and express herself.

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Your daughter no longer wants a Dora backpack! Take a look at these cute backpacks.

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Tween girl backpack essentials Tween girl backpack essentials.



She will also need a little makeup bag or pencil-case to keep her personal items in. These are some great options available for less than $10.

        Tween girl backpack essentials


Here are some other fun accessories and must have items.


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What else would you put in your tween daughters backpack?

Tween girl backpack essentials.

Written by: Devon Bernthal

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