Learning To Love The Home You’re In

Learning To Love The Home You’re In

Learn to love the home you're in.


Do you love every little detail about your current home? Very few of us would claim that our houses are perfect.


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We all dream of a state of the art kitchen, a modern bathroom, more space, ocean views and beautifully landscaped gardens, but in reality, our budgets and our living situations may dictate otherwise.



When we’re faced with images of beautiful interiors in glossy magazines or on Pinterest, it’s easy to get itchy feet and feel dissatisfied with what we have. But remember that imperfections are what gives your home its unique character. Instead of seeing flaws in the layout, see positives. Instead of getting hung up on wear and damage, be proud that your home contains a happy family going about their busy lives. The truth is that even small changes can help you embrace the quirks that make your home what it is – with a little help and some imagination:


Learn The Art of Disguise

We may know all about dressing to hide our figure flaws, but did you know that you can also apply this thinking to your home? There are many ways to disguise ugly or undesirable practical features. Does your window look out onto a less than appealing view? Sheer muslin curtains or wooden plantation blinds disguise a less that picturesque outlook, and look stylish while still allowing the light to filter in. Have to keep your garbage cans in plain sight? Create a wooden bin to store them and paint it a pretty color. Unsightly appliances like your hot water heater can be concealed with cabinetry. If the exterior of your home lacks curb appeal, there’s so much you can do with climbing plants. Try large decorative pots with flowering shrubs and small trees. That HVAC unit or electricity meter can easily be screened over and remain accessible.



Learning to love the home your in.



Consider Remodeling

If it’s bigger issues with layout and space that are making you less than enamored with your space, you could consider remodeling your home. It’s usually cheaper than moving, and if you use a mortgage broker to refinance on a lower rate deal, you could pay less to borrow the costs against your new mortgage. The key to it all is finding a reliable firm that specializes in home remodeling, such as Tri-State Home Remodeling. Get quotes well in advance and budget well so that you know exactly what you can afford. You’d be surprised by the changes that can be achieved with projects such as removing stud walls to alter the layout and adding dormer windows to an attic floor to make them into usable space.



Celebrate Odd Angles

Some spaces are just awkward – sloping ceilings, odd angles, and awkward layouts. So why not approach them as a feature rather than trying to hide them? Custom cabinetry works brilliantly for making the most of strange alcoves and small spaces that you aren’t using – and more storage is always a good thing in a family home. Fit seating into areas with sloping ceilings and draw attention to their dramatic lines by painting the adjoining wall in a statement color. Think of it like a quirky design feature rather than a setback and it may just become your favorite place in the house!


Budget Friendly Farmhouse Decor


Update Your Décor

If you’re not up to remodeling, try updating your décor. Create boards on Pinterest of décor and homes that you like for inspiration. If it’s the farmhouse look that you like you’ll find tons of inspiration and DIY on Pinterest. You can really stretch your money with a décor update. Simply move around items that you already have, search thrift stores and online for items at low-cost.



Learn to love the home you're in.


Don’t just settle. Make your home your sanctuary.


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