Playing Sand With A Toddler

Three Fun Things To Do With Toddlers In The Sand

Sand Play Ideas For Toddlers

So your toddler want you to play with them but you’ve played almost everything you can think of. These sand play ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

I’m the mom to three energetic and creative daughters. While my older two daughters are in school I try to spend some quality time with my toddler. Most of my day is spent doing housework, daily tasks, preparing food and in my spare time blogging. I make it a point to put it all aside for a few hours a day to really play with my toddler.

Getting outside and getting fresh air is important for your toddler as well as you. Take a few minutes, go outside and play sand.

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Build a Castle

It’s as simple as it sounds. You can use sand toys, your hands or anything you’re willing to give your toddler from your kitchen. Teach your toddler how to pack the sand then flip the sand toy over or how to build a castle with their hands.

Toddler sand play ideas

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Build a Rock Tower

In our sand area we have rocks which most people would frown upon. I actually like having the rocks, there are endless things you can do with rocks in the sand. Create designs in the sand or build a rock tower. My toddler love building rock towers with me. Sometimes we just create a haphazard tower but today we worked on balancing and stacking the rocks.

Toddler sand play ideas

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Draw Shapes In The Sand

This one is simple. It’s the one time you won’t mind your toddler playing with a stick. While toddler are still a little young to understand tic-tac-toe, you can have tons of fun drawing pictures and shapes in the sand. As an added bonus draw a shape and have your toddler name it.

Whatever you do, take time to get outside and play.

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Toddler sand play ideas.

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