Military Spouse: Breastfeeding Advice

Military Spouse

Breastfeeding Advice

Tips bor nursing and pregnant military spouses

Military life can make it difficult to plan and schedule your life. You’re at the mercy of the military’s schedule but that doesn’t have to affect your breastfeeding routine.

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of The Breastfeeding Shop via SoFluential Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My youngest daughter was born at Fort Carson, Colorado. As my due date approached, we knew that my husband would soon have his promotion and change of command ceremony. Well it turns out my daughter was born four days before his ceremony. The day after we were released from the hospital I packed up my two older girls and new baby to go look “pretty” at his ceremony. Being four days postpartum, I felt anything but pretty. I felt like a huge blob that had literally no clothes to wear.

My main saving grace was my ability to pump breast milk before the ceremony so that I wouldn’t have to worry about nursing in public. Most of the time I’m perfectly comfortable nursing in public but it was hot and I had just given birth a few days before.

During my pregnancy, I researched breast pumps and the price was so high. I stumbled upon The Breastfeeding Shop. As I’m sure you’ve heard or been told, Tricare will pay for your breast pump. The Breastfeeding Shop allows you to upload your prescription for a breast pump directly to them and receive their breast pump at no cost. They will ship it directly to your home. Well that’s easy!  If you’re a pregnant or nursing military wife I would highly recommend talking with your PCM and looking into The Breastfeeding Shop.

Breastfeeding Tips:

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Create a comfortable space at home and have your phone, water bottle, book or whatever else you’ll need on hand.

  • Invest in or make a nursing blanket for in public or when you have company. It will make you more comfortable which makes it easier for baby to nurse.

  • Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand. I love protein bars while nursing.

  • The more you pump the more you’ll make. Try pumping every evening at the same time.

  • When you’re pumping you need to be relaxed. Try watching a show or putting a picture of baby in front of you.

  • Try pumping early in the morning before baby wakes up.

  • Invest in a good nursing bra and nursing tank. I tried getting away without them and let me tell you, they are a must.

  • Get comfortable nursing in the car. If you forgot a bottle you’ll have to nurse wherever you are. Keep snacks and nursing necessities in the car or diaper bag.

It is possible to breastfeed no matter how crazy your schedule. Planning ahead and being prepared is so important. If you’re a pregnant or nursing military spouse head over to The Breastfeeding Shop to get your breast pump at no cost. If you know someone who would find this information useful, please share it with them. We are all in this military life thing together.

Tips for nursing and pregnant military spouses

Written by: Devon


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