Bring Spring Into Your Home

Bring Spring Into Your Home

Bring spring into your home.


It’s (finally) that time of year when we all go crazy spring cleaning and get our houses ready for coming out of hibernation. We open the blinds, crack stiff window seals, and welcome the warmer seasons into our homes. And, for the most part, that’s all it takes to air the space and clear those winter cobwebs.

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At least, that’s the case if you’re blessed with a large home. Even a spacious room can feel claustrophobic when opening a window isn’t an option. But, it’s easy enough to bring back that airy feeling come spring. If your rooms are tighter than a shoe box, the claustrophobic feeling of winter can hang around for too long. That’s never a good thing, given that we’ve all had more than our fill of dark days by now.

The good news is, your small house doesn’t have to stay dark through the warmer months. All you need to do think of different ways you can bring the impression of spring-like spaciousness into your rooms. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. Below, we’re going to look at some of the options. Those lingering cobwebs will be on their out by the time you reach the end of this post. Here’s how.

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Go with an open floor-plan

If you aren’t afraid of renovation work in the home, it might be worth considering an open-floor plan to take you into the coming season. More people than ever before are opting for this style, and it’s easy to see why. By ridding yourself of unnecessary wall divides, you can gain benefits galore. Not only will that claustrophobic feeling go with your walls, but you’ll also gain substantial space this way. We’re not saying you have to knock every wall down in the house, of course. But opting for an open-floor plan could make a huge difference to your living situation. In one (or two) knocks of the hammer, you’ll have yourself a space ready to soak all that summer goodness into its darkest corners.



Work on letting light in

Of course, lingering feelings of winter often come about when you can’t get enough light into your home. Dark rooms make it feel like winter all year round if you aren’t careful. To make sure that doesn’t happen, focus on bringing more light into your home as the days grow brighter. Again, if you aren’t afraid of work, this could involve nothing more than adding windows to your space. If you do this right, your dark home could turn into a bright haven in one easy step. If you’re feeling brave, it might even be worth opting for patio doors. These can bring maximum light and a little air when you need it. If that’s not right for you, you could always simply double the windows you have in place at the moment. Small windows are a sure way to a dark home. Making them bigger is a much more straightforward task than you might imagine, and it’s sure to improve the situation.

Another option is to open your blinds all the way. This is by far the simplest way to brighten  your home. Switch out your dark curtains for lighter ones or no curtains at all.

If your windows don’t help you, you could always look to artificial lighting. In houses which face north, natural sunlight will be nearly impossible to come by most of the day. In that case, artificial light could be your best choice. Bear in mind that you won’t want all your light fixtures blaring the day long. But, a carefully positioned lamp could be a subtle yet efficient way of bringing extra brightness to the space. Even if you’ve been sceptical of this option, it’s worth a shot. By choosing lamp shades which repel light upwards, this will look more natural than you could imagine.

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Use metallic colors

I’m not saying you should have shiny silver walls throughout your home. Simply try to add a few touches of metallic throughout your home.

It’s also worth thinking about materials you use within your home. Namely, metallic colors are fantastic for creating the illusion of space where there is none. You’d be amazed how much mirrors like those found at Plum Goose can change the face of a room. A large mirror on a foundation wall can turn a small room into a palace with little effort. What’s more, the reflection on that surface is sure to increase levels of brightness in any room. So, it’s a double whammy.

If mirrors aren’t for you there are plenty of other metallic options which would work. Many people choose items such as metallic table tops, stools, and even wallpaper. So, don’t be afraid to play around with this option. Try, too, to place your metallic finds somewhere with maximum reflection potential. If they aren’t in direct sunlight, you’ll lose all benefit. Instead, put them somewhere which is sure to hold greatest reflection potential.

Think about layout

Since you’re moving your furniture for spring cleaning anyway, it’s worth thinking about your layout. By no means do you need to change your plan for each season. But, it might be worth considering how your current setup serves for creating a light and spacious feeling. In many instances, we don’t make the most of our space. Simple mistakes, like facing the back of your sofa to the entrance of a room, can create an instantly stifling atmosphere. Too much furniture can create a claustrophobic feel. Instead, you want to aim for layouts which open your rooms to the new season. Rearrange your sofa so that it leads to the room, instead of blocking the entrance. Clear out unnecessary pieces which clog your corners. There’s a good reason why many people choose to get rid of unwanted pieces during spring. And, you’re about to find out what it is. While having your home comforts around you might have felt necessary when it was cold out, you won’t want them now. If a piece of furniture or decoration doesn’t make your heart sing, send it somewhere else. Within no time, your home will start to look as fresh as the world outside your window.

Bring spring into your home.

How do you bring the spring feeling into your home?

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