5 Household Skills To Teach Your Child

5 Household Skills To Teach Your Child

Five household skills to teach kids


Do your kids help out with household tasks? My kids do and not only does it make my life easier, it teaches them skills they will need throughout their lives.

Parenting has its ups and downs. As parents we are in charge of preparing our kids for life. At some point they will be out on their own with their own homes or apartments to maintain. Teaching them these five household skills young will insure that they can take care of their own living space down the road as well as teach them responsibility and the value of hard work.

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Let’s get to the 5 household tasks you should be teaching your kids.


Kids can learn to help with laundry at an early age. While this may not solely their responsibility it’s great to get them involved. Toddlers and up can help sort laundry loads, sort socks, load the washer and dryer and gather up the dirty laundry. When kids get older their role can change. Tweens are perfectly capable of learning to do an entire load of laundry on their own. Don’t forget to teach your kids to fold the laundry and help put it away. Start by teaching them to fold easy items like towels and wash cloths.

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I love this one! I have a love hate relationship with dishes. It’s nice to be able to delegate it to my older kids sometimes. Have your toddler stand on a stool and watch you wash the dishes if you don’t want a huge mess. If you don’t mind the mess, let them loose with some plastic bowls and cups and a sink full of dishwater. When it comes to the dishwasher be careful with little ones. Toddlers may try to grab knives and glass dishes without knowing that they can break or cut them. Older kids and tween are able to load and unload the dishwasher. By teaching them to do the dishes you may even reduce the amount of dirty dishes they create. Kids love to use multiple water glasses throughout the day without paying attention. Once they realize that all the dishes that are used have to be washed and put away they might be more likely to reuse that water-glass throughout the day!


Dusting is a great household skill to teach your kids. Toddlers to tween and older can do this job. I don’t really think I need to elaborate on how to teach them this one, it’s pretty easy.


All three of my kids know how to vacuum. My toddler uses either her pretend vacuum or our small Dyson. My older girls can use any of our vacuums and be responsible for vacuuming anywhere in the house. Kids can learn to clean up when they make a mess or spill something. If they track in dirt they can clean it up, if they spill a snack they can clean it up. Also, is it just me or is the word vacuum super confusing to spell!


Putting things away

Ok, this one is important. We don’t want to raise our kids to be messy and unorganized adults. Nobody wants to go visit their kids someday when they’ve moved out and walk into an episode of Hoarders! Teach them young to clean up after themselves and that they can clean up a mess even if they weren’t the ones to make the mess.

These are some of the household skills I’ve been teaching my girls. Even if my girls don’t follow in my footsteps and become a homemaker and stay at home mom, they will need to know how to do these things.

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Household skills to teach kids.

What skills would you add to this list?

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