How To Eliminate Dog Odors From Your Home

How To Eliminate Dog Odors From Your Home

How to get rid of dog smells in your home.


Dogs are great additions to any family. They make great playmates for children and will also be a loyal friend to you and your partner. However, there is just one problem with bringing Fido into your home – he can sometimes smell quite a bit! Your kids might find this hilarious, but you definitely won’t, especially when you realize his doggy smell is making all of your furniture stinky as well!

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But you don’t have to let this potential bad doggy odor put you off getting a new furry friend for the family. We’ve had dogs for twelve years and have tried everything possible to get the smells out of our house. It is possible to eliminate the dog smell. Here are some ways you can manage the dreaded pet smell!


Keep The Dog Clean

One of the most obvious ways to keep your home smelling nice and fresh is to try to keep your dog as clean as possible. That means you will have to wipe their paws off every time they come in from a walk. If they get wet in the rain or have been playing anywhere dirty, it’s important that you give them a bath as soon as you get home. That way, you can minimize the dirt and mess that they spread through your home! If you don’t have time to bathe your dog, I highly suggest these grooming wipes to help freshen your pup.

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Invest In Good Air Fresheners

It’s also a good idea to buy some good air fresheners and scent machines so that you can mask any bad smells that your dog does cause. If you click here, you will see a lot of different scent machines and diffusers that will be able to mask bad pet odors with fresher and more pleasant fragrances. You can often buy a lot of different scented air fresheners and scents, so you can pick a nice fragrance that suits your tastes. Wax melts and candles are another amazing way to mask the pet odor.


Clean Their Bed And Toys Regularly

Sure, you need to keep on top of your dog’s cleanliness, but you can’t forget to also clean their belongings too. This is especially important when it comes to items like their bed and toys. They will be sleeping in their bed every night so it could get smelly pretty quickly. Make sure you have a spare one so that your dog can sleep on something while their main bed is in the wash. Similarly, dogs love to chew their toys, and all of their slobber can make them smell pretty bad. Thankfully, most plastic toys can be washed in warm, soapy water.

Watch Your Furniture

If it’s possible, you should try to keep your dog off your furniture, especially if it is made from soft materials. If you can’t successfully keep your pet off the sofa, you should think about covering it in a blanket. That way, it’s the blanket that ends up smelly and not the sofa. If you’re in the market for a new sofa I would highly suggest leather. We bought leather couches a few years ago and they have been so easy to clean. When the dogs come inside when it’s been raining the always head straight for my couch. I can easily wipe my leather couch with leather wipes or baby wipes.


Air Out Your Home

Don’t forget to also air out your home on a regular basis. This can help freshen up the air in all of your rooms, and it will also get rid of any stubborn doggy smells! If opening the windows isn’t an option, try running a fan or turning on your ceiling fan to circulate the air.

How to get rid of pet smells and odors. and make your home smell fresh.

Dogs are great but they sure are smelly sometimes. The above tips should help you keep your home free from pet odors!

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    But don’t get leather couches if your household also has cats! they like nothing more than to sharpen their nails on leather! RIP pre baby/cat couch.

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