Clean it or replace it?

Clean It or Replace It?

Which is right for you?

Should you clean it or replace it? Find out what your options are.


When dealing with tough stains and marks, you may be torn between cleaning the item or replacing it. While cleaning it is cheaper, replacing it can often require a lot less elbow grease and may be the only way of truly restoring it to its original appearance. Here are just a few instances where you may be torn between cleaning and replacing.

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Some bedding stains may not come out in the washing machine, but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of the sheets. There are lots of guides online on issues such as how to get sweat stains out of sheets . You may not need to buy chemicals or do any heavy scrubbing. Instead try household mixtures like vinegar and baking soda. As for duvets and mattresses, you can get those professionally cleaned. It could be a lot cheaper and simpler than getting replacements. An exception to this is mattresses over seven years old, which should be replaced.



Couches and chairs can be expensive to repair, so you’re better off trying to clean stains. Lemon juice and tartar is an effective mixture against dark stains on leather sofas. There are fabric cleaners out there for fabric sofas too. I’ve found that microfiber couches are the hardest to clean. Slipcovers on your sofa could be an easier way of dealing with these stains – hiding any existing blemishes while preventing any more from occurring.

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Curtains can be difficult to clean as they’re often made of sensitive fabrics. In many cases, you’re better off replacing grubby curtains. It’s easier and more affordable in the long run. If you have inexpensive curtains go ahead and try putting them through the washing machine. Feel free to vacuum curtains to get dust off and use deodorizers to get rid of smells, but don’t bother paying for professional cleaning when a new pair could be much cheaper.


Stains on carpets can sometimes be impossible to scrub out. You could consider hiring a carpet cleaning company to get rid of these stains. It could be less costly and less disruptive than buying new carpets. That said, if they’re very old, even professional carpet cleaning machines won’t be much use. Opting for carpet tiles could make it cheaper to replace stained sections in the future. I personally clean my carpets once a month using this carpet scrubber. It is amazing for pet and kid stains.


Wood floors

You can usually get stains out of wooden floors with a steam cleaner, providing they are laminated. However, if the laminate layer has been damaged, you may not be able to clean these stains. It’s possible to get your floors sanded down and refinished, which could be cheaper than buying new flooring. You could also consider drop-fit flooring to sit over the top of your existing floorboards – it will conceal the floorboards underneath with a new laminate wood layer.

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Many old roofs can be brought back to life by getting them professionally cleaned. This is cheaper than a roof replacement and could add value to your home. Of course, if you’re missing lots of shingles or your tiles are over 25 years old and generally worn, a replacement could be a better practical decision.

Bathroom tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles can be a chore many of us dread. You can make it easier by using a steam cleaner. Buying one is still likely to be cheaper than replacing the tile in your whole bathroom. Feel free however to replace the grout that can decay or grow mold which will just keep coming back. If your grout is simply discolored or dirty take your search to Pinterest. Pinterest is full of amazing cleaning hacks for grout.

Should you clean it or replace it? Stains and wear and tear happen. See what your options are.


I would suggest in any situation to try to clean the stain or repair it yourself before spending more money. YouTube and Pinterest are amazing resources when it comes to cleaning and repairing things around the house.

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