DIY Lemon Carpet Powder

DIY Lemon Carpet Powder

DIY lemon carpet powder


Have you ever walked into your house after being gone for a few hours and noticed a funky smell?

It happens way too often in my house. I have three kids and two dogs. Using my carpet scrubber weekly is out of the question so I came up with a DIY carpet powder that will make your house smell lemony fresh. I should mention that since spring arrived, I’ve been on a lemon kick. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh lemons.

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Let me start by saying that no matter how clean your house is, your carpet will still have a smell from time to time. Pet odors and cooking smells can build up over time. Being a homemaker I try to keep my house smelling and looking amazing, let’s face it though, that’s not realistic. Giving the carpet a good sprinkle of this lemon carpet powder, letting it sit for a few min, then vacuuming it up, is the easiest thing you’ll do all day!

Unlike most store-bought carpet powders, the scent of this is not overpowering.

DIY Carpet Powder

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Materials needed:

  • mason jar or old spaghetti sauce jar (really, any jar with a lid will do)

  • baking soda

  • Borax

  • lemon essential oil (any essential oil would work, but I prefer lemon) I recently discovered this lemon essential oil and love it. I would highly recommend it.DIY Lemon carpet powder

  • nail and hammer (for putting holes in the lid)


How to make it:

  • Put the lid on the empty jar and use your nail and hammer to put holes in the lid. Make sure that you have enough holes that the powder will be able to come out easily. You don’t want to have to stand there shaking the jar forever just to get some out.

  • Fill the jar about 1/4 of the way with Borax,

  • Put double the amount of baking soda in the jar. I don’t use exact measurements for this. There’s really no need. The main idea is to use more baking soda than borax.

  • Add about 20 drops of your lemon essential oil. If you’re making a larger batch of this powder you’ll need more essential oil.

  • Put the lid on, cover with a napkin and shake.

  • That’s it!!! Sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for 15 min before vacuuming.

DIY Lemon carpet powder

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DIY carpet powder

This carpet powder is amazing and so easy to make. What DIY cleaning products do you use? I’d love to try them.

Written by: Devon


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