Five Causes of House Odors and How to Deal with Them

Five Causes of House Odors


How to Deal with Them

Five causes of house odors and how to eliminate them.


We all want our homes to smell like a spring garden, but it is not always possible when living with kids and pets. If you would like to find out how to deal with some of the most common causes of bad smells around the house, the guide below will help you.

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Dirty Air Filter or Duct

Having your air conditioning and heating system serviced regularly is important. However, it is not enough to get the furnace and the unit checked. You will need to get your air filters changed every season, or at least once a year. In some cases, you will have a build up in your air ducts that will cause unpleasant odors. Talk to an HVAC specialist, such as and schedule a maintenance. If the smell is stronger when the heating and air conditioning is on, you have to look for the cause in your ducts.

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Spillage Under the Carpets

Kids spill tons of things on the carpet, and try to clean it up as well as they can. However, if it soaks through the carpet and gets into the floorboards, you will have some really nasty smells coming from the floor, no matter how many times you shampoo your carpet. Pets add to these smells. When your pet urinates on the floor it soaks through to the padding underneath. Make sure to dry up the mess as best as possible then spray the area. I personally use this spray on my carpet. It’s amazing! You might need to get the carpet changed or lifted to get rid of the smell. Use a natural cleaner, such as apple cider vinegar to eliminate odors.

Pest Infestation

If you have cats or any animal you might be surprised to find out that there have uninvited guests living in your home. A mouse brought in by a cat can be pregnant, and if your pet didn’t do the job right, you might be sharing your home with baby mice. Get a specialist to look behind your kitchen cabinets and units and eliminate the pests. Pigeons in the attic can also cause bad smells in the house, so make sure you check regularly.


Mold is not always visible. It might be hiding under your kitchen sink, or behind your furniture. It is important that you deal with mold as soon as you discover it, as it can cause or worsen respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Wash the surface with bleach and dry the area before you apply damp seal coating. If you have damp walls, however, you will need to talk to a structural engineer to find out the reasons.

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Pets are responsible for a lot of smells in the house. You should make sure that you have the right tools to clean upholstery after your smelly dog has been sleeping on it. Clean the food and water bowls at least once a week, and give your pets a spa treatment every now and then. If they are allowed outside, dry them before they come in from the rain, as wet pet hair can smell very bad.

To make your home smell nice and fresh all the time, look out for the signs of the above causes of bad odors.

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Five causes of house odors and how to eliminate them.

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