Five Things To Do Everyday To Make Your Kids Healthier

Five Things To Do Everyday

To Make Your Kids Healthier

Five things to do everyday to raise healthy and happy kids.

Every parent wants their kids to be happy and healthy. Are you are struggling to change your children’s habits and would like to encourage them to be more active and look after their health? You will have to lead by example. At the same time, it is also important that you do things every day that will encourage them to take responsibility. Below you will find five things you can do today that will help them be healthier and happier.

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Limit Sugar

Snacking is a big issue to pay attention to. You don’t really know what is in the sweets they are eating and how much sugar is in the chocolate spread they are using for their morning pancakes. It is important that you monitor your kids’ sugar intake. Replacing sweets with an apple, or packing a fruit instead of a chocolate bar in their lunch box will go a long way over time.

Reduce Fizzy Drink Intake

Sugary drinks and soda not only ruin your kids’ teeth and gum enamel, they also contain some chemicals that are not good for their developing bodies. Offer alternatives, such as organic juices, or get a water filter to make a natural lemonade instead. You can get water filters installed in your house by,  so you can reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals in the tap water, so it is safe for drinking on its own or being used for fruit infusion drinks. Your first choice for beverages should be water.

Teach them to Make Salads

If there is one skill you can teach your kids, no matter what their age is, is making salads. Use fresh produce to create a colorful salad that goes with your evening meal, and put your kids in charge of it. You can ask them to make the fruit salad or a pasta salad for the family to enjoy as a snack. They will be less likely to go for sweets and snacks. Get them involved with grocery shopping by letting them pick out the veggies they want to put on their salads for the week.

Limit Screen Time

Kids today love technology, it helps them relax and take a step back from their busy lives. While a few minutes of gaming after school should be allowed, you want them to get some fresh air and limit their technology use. Give them a few hours every day, and limit their WiFi access during the weekends, depending on their age. You can set up an outdoor playground, trampoline or visit your local park.

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Give them a Garden to Look After

Another great way of encouraging your kids to spend some time outdoors is giving them a garden to plant their favorite fruits and vegetable. Kids big and small love gardening and getting their hands dirty. If you are lucky, you might end up with some tomatoes and lettuce you can use for home cooking, too.

Five things to do everyday to make your kids healthier and happier.

Do these things every day if you would like your kids to grow up happy and healthy.

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  1. Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries | 25th May 18

    This is such a good post! It is amazing how sugar sneaks into so many of our daily food choices, and so much of what we do is centered around eating and snacking. Healthy snacks are the way to go, and being organized and prepared helps me make healthier choices. When the grapes aren’t washed, I grab a cracker instead. ;(

  2. Brooks | 25th May 18

    These are GREAT tips! I actually love the idea of the garden. That’s such a creative way to get kids outside. Plus, like you said, it means (hopefully) fresh produce. Plus it teaches kids how to take care of something, and responsibility. That could be a great precursor to getting your child an animal!

  3. Natalie | 15th Apr 19

    What a beautiful post! I love the idea of giving them a garden to look after. So much can be learned when we have to care for something and my kids get so much more excited about healthy eating when they’re a part of the process. Thanks so much for these wonderful ideas!

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