Six Ways To Make A House Feel Like Home

Ways to make your house feel like home.


Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. What happens when your heart (in relation to your home) has been moved to a different home? Sometimes we simply get to the point where our home just becomes a roof over our heads rather than somewhere to relax and socialize. Perhaps the addition of children in a family has caused chaos or maybe you just haven’t had the time to give your home much TLC.


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Often when you move into a new home, you have a blank canvas on which to stamp your personality. You may have moved into a rental property, or a new build with plain magnolia walls. Additionally you may move into a property which displays a significant amount of the previous owners personality, rather than your own. It’s surprising how easy it is to just “get used” to the look of your home and years can pass before you get round to doing anything about it.



There are so many ways to add style and personality to a home and this article aims to highlight some of them.



Everyone is drawn to different color. Color can have a dramatic effect on our mood. You should look at the psychology of color when decorating certain rooms. For example you may wish to use calming colors for your bedroom (unless you want to increase passion – in which case choose red!), and a sunny, bright color for your kitchen. If fashion is important to you, research the  Modern Home Decor and Design Trends for 2018. Fashions change annually, so you could opt to decorate a feature wall in the years on-trend colors, rather than redecorate your whole house, which could be costly. In fact keeping on trend is relatively cheap, when you look at the cost of a can of paint and a few throw pillows.


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Heirlooms and collections

The term heirlooms sounds very grand, but it basically means items that have meaning to you and your family. An heirloom may be a piece of furniture that has been passed down through generations or a painting that your great-aunt created years ago. It doesn’t matter if the item doesn’t quite fit your style as long as it has meaning. Collections of items are also nice to display as they show your personality and interest. You will find yourself looking at them often – who cares if not everyone is as keen on ceramic pigs as you are!



Photographs, pictures and achievements

Don’t hide away precious pictures of your family, you want them to be part of your home. As long as you don’t create a shrine. A few photographs add to the homey feel. The same goes for arts and craft creations, if you’re in to painting, crocheting or knitting be proud of your skills and display them.



Certificates, children’s drawings and school awards also deserve a little spot in your home. Children are particularly proud of their achievements and love to have awards and drawings displayed, even for a little while. Check out this amazing way to display your kids artwork and awards.



Create memories

As time passes, different memories are created in everyone’s home. Think of all the birthday celebrations, parties and Christmas’s and how you spent them at home. After a while a home becomes filled with memories. Most people have happy memories of their childhood home, sunny days in the garden and the excitement of Christmas morning. Continue to create memories within your home, both for yourself and your family.


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Create a retreat

Your home should be a safe and relaxing haven for all who live there. Everyone deals with stress in their day-to-day lives, so opening your front door and being able to shut out the outside world is a huge benefit. Try to create a retreat that matches your personality and taste, if you like spa days, create a spa-like experience in your own bathroom, if you enjoy gardening, create a space in your garden where you can indulge in your hobby, until your heart’s content.




There is nothing more welcoming and homey than the smell of freshly cooked food. Creating meals for your family is a lovely bonding experience, especially if everyone gets involved. In this day and age many families simply don’t have the time to sit together and share family meals, which is a shame, as this is when most conversations occur. Try to allocate at least one meal during the week when everyone sits together, perhaps keep up the tradition of a Sunday roast.

Memories of homes normally revolve around eating and sharing meals. Birthday cakes are remembered as well as Christmas dinners. Try to keep up with traditions and rituals important to your family at home.

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Ways to make your house feel like home.


Your home will very soon be where your heart is!


Written by: Devon



  1. Jacqueline @ Planning In The Deep | 14th Aug 18

    Yes. We are in a rental home and have been here for almost 4 years. I swear there’s negative energy in our current home. The people who used to live here sort of picked up and left along with trashing the place beforehand. I have never felt at ease but being we aren’t buying a house for at least a year I am going to implement some of these ideas. Thanks again for another encouraging blog post❤️

    • | 15th Aug 18

      Sorry to hear about your rental experience. These tips will help, anything to give it your personal style will. We’ve lived in 8 rental houses in the last 14 years and these tips have definitely helped us.

  2. stacey | 13th May 20

    As a military wife, I’ve written a lot about how I decorate each home on a budget. It’s one of my favorite things about packing up and going– not the actual packing– but the opportunity to re-invent my things in a new space. One of my favorite tips is to decorate with linens, plants, and souvenirs of our travels. It adds personality, depth, and life. I used to give all my plants to my mom, but she nixed that when her home started looking like a botanical garden. Now I give them to friends who’ll love them as much as I did. Milspouses gotta stick together so check me out when you get a chance, maybe we can find a way to promote each other.

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