How To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

How To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

How to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.


The kitchen is one of the most used and visited rooms in your home. It’s no wonder it gets messy so quickly. Whether it’s papers that accumulate on the counter, dishes (whether dirty or clean), or random items that get set down, this post will help you eliminate those issues and keep your kitchen tidy everyday.



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My house has a fairly open floor plan which means that the kitchen gets tons of traffic throughout the day. Between cooking meals, kids putting things down and my dislike for putting the mail away, my kitchen is a collecting place for all things that DON”T belong.

I’ve learned that if my kitchen is clean my day seems to go smoother. I’m they type of person that doesn’t function well when my house is messy and cluttered. These simple tips will help you keep you’re kitchen clean and tidy. I personally do all of these things on a daily basis and it’s made a huge difference. Give them a try to see they help.


How to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.


Tip #1

Unload the dishwasher while dinner is cooking. This makes after dinner cleanup much easier. My twelve-year-old daughter is responsible for cleaning up the dinner dishes. If the dishwasher isn’t empty and ready for her, well if you have a tween daughter you can guess what happens. Just incase you don’t have a tween daughter, THE WHOLE WORLD ENDS!!!


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Tip #2

Clean up your kitchen first thing in the morning. I know it’s tempting to sit and sip your coffee while waking up but don’t do it everyday. Simply doing a quick cleanup first thing in the morning sets you up for success, as far as cleaning goes, for the entire day. After my kids have been fed and are ready for school, we have a few extra minutes before the bus comes. I use the few extra minutes to declutter the counter and cleanup whatever I can. Once they are off to school, my two-year old watches a show and plays while I finish cleaning up the kitchen.


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Tip #3

Make piles. Yup that’s right, make piles on the counter. I usually have two piles on my kitchen counter in the morning. One pile needs to be taken upstairs, things like my girls hair brushes that have been left in the kitchen or the random earrings I’ve found lying around. The other pile usually consists of school papers and mail that I need to go through from the day before. By having these piles ready, I’m more likely to quickly go through them and put them where they belong.



Tip #4

Have a cleaning schedule. I use a super cute printable cleaning schedule and to do list that I created. You can find it here. Obviously tidying my kitchen is first on my cleaning schedule each day.


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What tips do you have to keep your kitchen tidy? I’m always looking for ways to simplify my daily cleaning routine.


Simple tips to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.


If you’re wondering what cleaning products I use in my kitchen you can see my post about that here.


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  1. Elisa | 14th May 18

    I love these ideas!! I am always looking for new ways to stay organized and clean in my home! Especially my kitchen!

  2. Jennifer DeFrates | 20th May 18

    The kitchen is prone to messes! We have a desk area that turns into the dumping ground. It all stresses me out! I try to embrace the imperfection, but also, keep up. I also use a five minute rule. Often I’ll see dishes in the sink and feel like I can’t get them finished, but while a pan is heating up or vegetables are steaming in the microwave, I can usually get them washed or put away the clean ones. These are great tips to add to my routine.

    • | 20th May 18

      I do the same thing! Today while waiting for Mac and cheese to cook for lunch I washed a few dishes then finished the rest while my kids were eating.

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