How To Get Your House Cleaner Than Ever Before

Foolproof tips to get your house cleaner than ever before.


Everyone wants a clean house, but how to you keep it clean? Find out how to get your house cleaner than ever before. Would you consider yourself a bit of a ‘clean freak’ or do you feel like you need a little extra guidance in that area? Everybody knows how to keep things clean and tidy, but what about getting your home cleaner than it has ever been before?


This guide will give you some foolproof tips to getting your home in the best shape ever – read on if you want to know more:

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Get Everybody In The Habit Of Cleaning Up After Themselves

Assuming you don’t live alone, get everybody into the habit of cleaning up after themselves. When everybody is chipping in and cleaning up, whether they’re putting away toys or something else, you won’t have to spend as much time and effort doing it all yourself. This is why it’s a good idea to get your kids into the habit while they’re young.



Get Everybody To Make Their Bed In The Morning

Something else that everybody should be doing in the house in the morning; making their beds. You don’t want to go from room to room making everybody else’s bed, do you? Not only does this teach your kids good habits, it gives everybody one accomplishment checked off for the day already and starts a positive spiral.


How to get your house clean.



Invest In Cleaning Supplies To Get Your House Clean Faster

If you haven’t already invested in cleaning supplies to get the job done faster, you’re missing out! You could invest in a cleaning apron, for instance, which will allow you to take everything with you as you clean so you don’t have to keep on running back and forth. Another idea is to create a cleaning caddy. Use a tote like this and fill it with all the supplies you’ll need.


Invest In Higher Quality Cleaning Products To Get Your House Clean

The cleaning products you use to clean your home do matter, so consider investing in some higher quality cleaning products to get the job done to a higher standard. The thing most people don’t realize is that their cleaning products are toxic – so investing in more natural products is a good idea. You can shop for natural cleaning products if this is something you feel you need to do. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaning products from natural ingredients you have around the house. You can clean pretty much anything with hot water and lemon, or baking soda, or dish-washing soap. There are lots of ideas and recipes online that you can use.





Wipe And Swipe As You Go To Keep Your House Clean

Get into the habit of wiping and swiping as you go. You don’t want to have to spend hours cleaning each time you do it. Pick things up and put them in the wash, wipe down the sides if you can, and do anything else that will take just a few moments whenever you enter a room. Procrastinating will only make the jobs and messes bigger. This is when everything can get a little overwhelming!


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Foolproof tips to get your house cleaner than ever before.



To get your home cleaner than ever before, you just need to get your family into a great routine and invest in the right supplies!


Written by: Devon



  1. Pam | 20th May 18

    Great tips, Devon!! I especially agree with making everyone else clean up after themselves. I used to be OCD, but after three kiddos and trying to grow a business, they’ve beat me down. LOL I honestly just don’t have the time to clean all the time and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. They’re all old enough to take responsibility and everyone needs to contribute. They’re still learning, so it’s not always done the way I’d do it, but at least it’s getting done!!

    • | 21st May 18

      So true that as moms we have to let go and let them do it. Thanks for reading!

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