When to Call in the Professionals and When to DIY?

When to Call in the Professionals

and When to DIY?

When to DIY and when to call a professional.


Running and maintaining a home is hard work, there’s always something that needs to be done. Items need replacing, updating, decor needs freshening up or changing. There are seasonal jobs that have to be done every year, and those that come about when things go wrong. It’s sometimes a struggle knowing when to tackle jobs yourself and save money, or when to call in the professionals to ensure you’re getting the best job possible. Here are some ideas.

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DIY: Blocked Guttering

Blocked guttering might not seem like too serious of an issue, but you might be surprised at the damage it can cause. Leaks can permeate walls leaving to damp walls and mold growth inside. In time, it can even cause structural damage. Leaks from guttering can also cause unpleasant staining on your brickwork or rendering which really brings down the curb appeal of your home. It’s not difficult to get rid of the accumulated gunk in the gutters yourself as long as you’re confident on a ladder. Go up with a pair of gardening gloves on and scrape everything out that’s stuck inside.


Professionals: Decorating

It can be tempting to try to save money on decorating by doing it yourself, after all, anyone can pick up a paintbrush. But while this might be the case, not everyone is capable of achieving a good, professional finish like house painters can. If you want your home to look its very best then don’t skimp here. The same is true when it comes to tiling, fitting carpets, wooden floors or anything else. You could try to do it yourself, but it will almost always look like the DIY job that it is. When it comes to your home interiors, you of course want everything to be properly done so it’s worth spending the money here.

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When to call the professionals and when to DIY.


DIY: Basic Gardening

If you want any major landscaping or other significant work done, then it could be best to call in the professionals. However, the general tidying and maintenance of the garden is something you can definitely do yourself. It will keep you fit, help you to feel productive and isn’t too difficult. It’s something anyone with any ability level can do. Mowing the grass, weeding, re-planting flower beds and jet washing paths and driveways are simple enough and something you could do on a spare weekend.

Professionals: Pests

Because pests can multiply so quickly, it doesn’t take long for a small issue to become a very large one. When we moved into one of our many rental houses we had a small problem with fleas. That small problem quickly turned into a full on outbreak! Pests such as rodents and insects can be incredibly problematic. Not only do some spread harmful diseases but others can damage to property even structural damage that can cost thousands to fix. While most DIY stores will have pest products available, it’s best to leave it to the professionals as it’s very hard to kill the life-cycle of many pests. Most can regenerate from just a few eggs. Plus these chemicals are extremely hazardous, they’re far better being left in the hands of someone with the right training.

When to DIY and when to call a professional.

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