Let There Be (Natural) Light

How to add natural light to your home. Make your house lighter and brighter with these tips. #home #naturallight #decor #house #light #white #mirror


Do you love being bathed in natural light? Most people do, right? It’s not surprising because natural light has so many benefits from helping people with depression to feel better, to boosting productivity across the board. Not only that, but it makes our homes look so much brighter and open. In fact, when people are looking to buy a new home, natural light is one of the most important features they look for!


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There really are no downsides to natural light, but how do you bring more into your home?


Replace or Add More Windows

The most obvious way to increase the amount of natural light is to invest in some Renewal by Andersen replacement windows that are bigger than your existing ones. You could also add a few additional ones such as skylights which take advantage of the space to make your home even lighter than it was before. You may even want to consider installing patio doors which are mostly glass if your budget will stretch to it. Of course, this is an expensive option, but if you can stretch to it, it will undoubtedly be worth it, not only for the extra light it brings but because it will add value to your home too.


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Decorate with Lighter Hues

The lighter the colors you use in your home, the more the light will be reflected from it and the less oppressive the place will feel. So, if you have lots of dark colors on your walls, consider switching them with light whites, blues, maybe even pastel colors. If you paint the ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the walls, the effect will be even more pronounced and the whole place will be so much brighter. Oh, satin paint is the best for diffusing the natural light around the room, too.


Chrome Surfaces are Ideal

When it comes to making your kitchen space lighter, chrome appliances and shiny counter tops are your best friend. They make the room feel lighter and brighter all on their own. They also reflect the light around the room to make the most of whatever sunlight is available to you.



Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

For the same reason, you’re going to want to hang up as many mirrors as you feel comfortable with. The glass will catch the light and reflect it all over the place so that even if you only get a small amount of light in, say the bedroom, it will feel a lot brighter than it possibly should.


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Don’t Forget the Flooring

We don’t often think of our home’s flooring as being a factor in how light the place is. If you choose stone, wooden or ceramic floors and you keep them polished – you can rent a buffer from Perfect Plus – it too will become a reflective surface and what natural light you do get will go a lot further as a result. Just make sure you keep on top of it because flooring can so easily lose its shine.


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Choose Light Furniture and Décor

Dark woods and black leather might be pretty popular and  attractive, but they suck in the natural light like you wouldn’t believe. Because they are dark themselves it can leave your home looking more like a dungeon. Try to go for lighter colors and remember to keep furniture away from windows if it will be blocking the light by being there. The same goes for décor. It will increase the brightness and natural light feeling if you incorporate as many light-colored décor pieces. The farmhouse look is great for increasing natural light.




Trim Those Trees

It doesn’t matter how many reflective surfaces you have in your home or how many windows you install on your property, if there are lots of trees and shrubs blocking the light, then it is always going to feel dark and dingy in there. So, get outside and start trimming away anything that is standing between your home and the brilliant light of the sun.


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Keep the Windows Clean

When you’re done with your pruning, you might want to think about giving those windows a good clean too. It’s surprising how much even small amounts of dirt that you might not even notice much can block out the sun’s rays and leave your home feeling decidedly gray. Check out the amazing window cleaners and cleaning products that I use everyday here.



Give it a Helping Hand

Although natural light is best and the above tips will undoubtedly help you to bring more of that into your home, there is nothing wrong with giving nature a helping hand from time to time by using artificial light. Placing lamps and light fixtures in dark corners, alcoves, and hallways will really enhance your space. Adding dimmer switches, you will have full control over how bright (or not) your home is.



How to add natural light to your home. Make your house lighter and brighter with these tips. #home #naturallight #decor #house #light #white #mirror


Enjoy your lighter, brighter home!

Written by: Devon


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