Moving With Less Hassle & Less Stress

Moving With Less Hassle & Less Stress

Moving with less stress and less hassle.Tips and tricks.

Moving with little hassle and little stress might seem to good to be true. How on earth could a move not be stressful? At least, that’s the question you’ve likely already asked yourself three times after reading the title of this article. However, try not to be so quick to judge. It can be done if you’re careful. It just requires plenty of diligent planning. Of course, being an army wife means you are in no way a stranger to competent and beneficial planning in your household. For this reason, the following tips should be golden nuggets of wisdom. You might begin to experience the excitement of your upcoming move, rather than detesting the massive responsibility of it all. After all, everything is perspective.

Give the following tips a try to make your move less stressful.

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Be Upfront About Your Terms

Movers will often ask you to adhere to a certain list of practical requirements. They might ask you to pack your goods beforehand, and for you to take pictures and make an inventory, for the purpose of verifying your belongings. This will help them understand the truth in insurance claims if something goes wrong. They might also ask you to provide a solid schedule for when and how you like your goods transported. These are very normal recommendations. They might even have more for you depending on your personal situation.

However, remember that you are hiring a service. You are likely paying for it. While they are likely excellent and competent movers, they are providing you with a paid responsibility. That means you can also request certain terms for them to follow. For example, ensuring they stack certain items on top of one another, or that they arrive at the new home by a certain date. You might ask them to make multiple stops, or even delay the transition of your goods for a few weeks after collecting them, storing them carefully in a unit before once again reclaiming and transporting them.


Remember, intense and drawn out terms will likely require more investment on your part. Making your demands known from the beginning will help the business relationship stay clear between the two of you. Clarity, especially at a time like this, can obviously help reduce your stress. No matter how artistic or amorphous you might be in your approach to planning and scheduling, even the most calm and collected person will find a sense of comfort knowing things have been taken care of in advance, and your belongings are likely to go the distance safely.

Ensure Your Good Health

Moving is taxing. While you might have become used to it over the years, that obviously doesn’t mean you’re going to be completely adapted to it. Moving feels unnatural. It’s not as if we’re nomads in which we simply walk ten miles a day, set up camp and eat foraged berries and hunt wild game. That might be an idealistic view of life, but of course that’s not the way things are in the modern-day. Moving a household might sound and feel romantic, but the practical realities of moving is less akin to nomadism and more akin to lifting your anchor, and carrying it to a completely new spot. It takes time to orient yourself in your new surroundings, and for some people this process can be dizzying.


However, there are things you can take care of. For example, it’s essentially important to take care of yourself first and foremost, alongside your children in equal measure.  You’ll likely be worrying about the move for weeks in advance. Starting a meditation practice at this time can help you find comfort in the presence of the large unknown before you. It might be that you begin walking and appreciating the local environment you’re about to leave, to ‘settle’ your final memories of the place in a warm and comforting manner.

Remember to eat good foods for energy and nutrition, especially when expending plenty of mental energy each day. Ensure your children do the same. Get plenty of sleep, and divide your journey to the new house in stages, especially if hauling long distance. Also, be sure to try to limit your coffee consumptions, especially if driving long distance. This can make you even more tired and irritable when dealing with heavy responsibility. Look for help from family members if you can. We’d also recommend taking into account the need for emotional support from your partner. Simply talking and supporting them through the entire affair can really help your mind stay comforted, and to use one another as the rocks you so sorely need to be.

Simple ways to make moving day less stressful.

Find The Adventure

If there’s one thing you need to learn about moving, is that the move part is temporary. It is merely a practical reality. It will be over. It’s not as if you’ll need to do this every weekend, back and forth, again and again until your home is finally yours. It’s usually a one-time thing, maybe twice if you need to retrieve some items. That means it’s almost inconsequential to worry overly about the move. Find the adventure in it instead. After all, if things do go wrong and planning doesn’t quite work out – how bad can it be? Simply find a hotel, regroup, recollect, and make new plans.

Financial backup plans with contingencies can help you make the most of the move, knowing you have a plan B and C if things do take a little detour. Then, you can focus on the fun of moving. That’s right, it can be fun if you let it! You simply need to try to focus on the journey, on the beautiful landscapes flying past your car windows, on the ability to sing along with your family to a playlist you have curated beforehand. Eat at some wonderful restaurants on the way, with the final jackpot being entering your new home life and starting the next chapter.

Moving with less stress and less hassle.Tips and tricks.

With these attitudes, moving with less hassle and less stress will become more possible than you originally thought.

Written by: Devon


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