7 Awesome Books For Tween Girls To Read This Summer

7 Amazing Books For Tween Girls. Great books for summer reading.

There are tons of book lists for kids and grownups out there but not many for tween girls. As the mom of a tween girl I love writing about and sharing activities, tips and inspiration for tween girls. With summer vacation already starting here in the south, I’ve already began my summer planning for my kids such as crafts to do, places to go and books for them to read. I’ve worked with my tween daughter to create a list of some amazing books for tween girls to read this summer, or anytime.

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These 7 books and book series are great for tween girls and are sure to keep them reading throughout the summer.

  1.  I would highly recommend the Harry Potter books. You can get a box set of books 1-7 for $50!

  2. Smile, Sisters, Drama and Ghosts are amazing books for tween girls. My oldest daughter loved them.

  3. The Baby-Sitters Club. There are six books in this series.

  4. Everything On A Waffle This is the perfect book for tween foodies.

  5. Close To Famous by Joan Bauer. Make sure to check out all her books, they are so amazing for tween readers.

  6. No reading list for kids would be complete without Judy Bloom. One of our favorites is Just As Long As We Are Together. She has tons of other books as well, you can see them here.

  7. The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies. Two siblings have a summer battle. A battle of the lemonade stands. Who can sell the most and make the most money?

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7 Amazing books for tween girls. Great book list for summer reading.

What’s on your kids summer reading list? We are always looking for different books to read in our house!

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